Project of the Month . October 2021

Gewan Island Entrance Bridge

The bridge deck has been completed on 22nd of September 2021 with the casting of the stitch in the middle of the bridge. The remaining works include tensioning of the remaining pre-stressing cables, activation of bearings, tuning of stay-cable forces, installation of parapets and barriers, application of asphalt and installation of expansion joints, lighting, drainage, road signs etc.



Gewan Island Stay-cable bridge provides a connection to the newly constructed Gewan Island, located between The Pearl, Qatar and Lusail.

The bridge design by Dar Al-Handasah defines a complex bridge geometrie with an S-shape in plan view, two pylons on pile foundations and a concrete deck supported by 72 parallel strand stay-cables.

Because the construction has to be performed while traffic on the main traffic connection with the luxury residential area The Pearl Qatar has to be maintained, the bridge is constructed using the free cantilever erection method. Both pylons, the abutments and parts of the deck will be cast in-situ, while the biggest part of the deck will be constructed from pre-cast concrete segments.

Bridge length: 70m+110m+70m=250 m
Height pylons: approx. 50 m

Location. Doha, Qatar
Service. Construction Engineering