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BIM Management

New role models change or result for all persons involved in the BIM process over the total life cycle of an object.

Due to long-time experience in design with BIM VCE can both adopt the controlling and the planning function.

BIM Strategy Management

stands for activities/experts on the level of companies, which deal with the introduction, definitions and administration of BIM on company level.

BIM Coordination

stands for activities dealing with the coordination and quality assurance of BIM on project level. In OENORM A 6241 Part 2 the role of the BIM coordinator is defined on the one hand as an advisory and on the other hand as a coordinating activity. This results in the fact that the activities of the BIM coordinator are not only restricted to one party involved in the project.

Responsibility for BIM Model

stands for activities dealing with the check/quality assurance of BIM on project level per party responsible.

BIM Engineer

represents FURTHER DEVELOPMENT of the CAD draughtsman and prepares and models the project model.