Carbon neutral

CO2-equivalents of 539,314 kg

Companies, processes and products whose CO2 emissions were calculated and offset by the support of internationally acknowledged climate protection projects are called carbon neutral. Apart from prevention and reduction, the offset of CO2 emissions is a further important step in holistic climate protection.

VCE is constantly anxious to reduce its carbon footprint to the greatest possible extent and has supported several climate protection projects for the offset of greenhouse gas emissions in India and Indonesia since 2017. A total of 539 tonnes of CO2 equivalents have already been offset for emissions from 2017 to 2020. The certificate below presents the offsets for the year 2022 (Climate Report 2020).

PDF . Certificate Partner in Environmental Protection (in German)


Our Climate Protection Projects

The project “Forest Protection Rimba Raya“ in Borneo, Indonesia protects 64,000 hectares of rain forest against deforestation and offers alternative income sources and educational opportunities to the population. The tropic swamp forest is one of the most efficient reservoirs for greenhouse gases worldwide, has a very high biodiversity and is one of the last havens for endangered animals like the orang-utans.

LINK . Link to the Project Forest Protection Rimba Raya


In India greenhouse gas reduction is achieved by renewable energy by the climate protection projects “Solar Power Godawari“ and “Biomass Gangakhed“. In Godawari India‘s first 50 MW solar thermal power station was built and in Gangakhed a sugar cane factory reduces the emissions and improves the life of people by utilization of the regionally accumulated biomass for electricity generation.

LINK . Link to the Project Solar Power Godawari

LINK . Link to the Project Biomass Gangakhed

LINK . Link to the Project Wind Energy Maharashtra