Development of Construction Management Systems:

We are working at the preparation of maintenance and servicing concepts for structures on the basis of our current knowledge from structural inspection. We mainly deal with structures for railway lines, in particular with bridges and floating track slab.

Railway Construction and Tunnel Safety:

Focuses of our activities are the further development of solid carriageways with regard to an improved safety in tunnels (accessibility with rubber-tyred fire engines and ambulances), the development of transitions between solid carriageway systems and ballast superstructures and the development of bridge transition structures without expansion joints.

Vibration and Noise Protection:

An essential activity of our office is the development, design and supervision of vibration protection measures (ballastless track, floating track slab) and noise protection systems (absorber elements, noise protection walls) both for existing and for newly built railway lines.

Traffic Design Railway

An important focus is on railway design. We handle projects in all stages of design and all branches of railway construction. Our service spectrum comprises infrastructure developments, general design, tenders and detailed structural design. Also several projects in intra-urban underground and suburban railway construction are handled in the railway construction department. The elaboration of our projects for tram lines includes both the establishment of new lines and the connection of tram lines with other public transport facilities in case of overall projects for big urban centres.


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