Ochrana pred vibráciami - Umelecké diela

Objects of art are frequently exposed to unknown stresses by vibrations apart from usual environmental influences like humidity or temperature fluctuations. Most of the time these vibrations are not immediately perceivable but could definitely lead to damage at especially sensitive objects.

Apart from vibrations from environmental sources like traffic or building sites above all vibrations induced by persons during the operation of museums play a decisive role. In addition there is a risk potential in case of transport of the objects of art, which can be relevant and thus might require protection measures.

VCE specializes in the identification, analysis and assessment of vibrations on objects of art and can determine and evaluate the vibration stress on valuable objects of art by means of highly sensitive measuring devices. In cooperation with restorers and experts measures are elaborated and implemented to be able to minimize the vibrations at the objects. This ensures long-term undamaged maintenance of valuable objects.


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