Metro Santiago Line 3

Project of the Month . December 2023

End of September, the northwestern extension of Metro Santiago Line 3 has successfully been opened from Los Libertadores to Plaza Quilicura.

This 3,8 km section of Metro Santiago de Chile has been constructed by the joint venture ETF – Colas Rail. VCE was requested to conduct validation test measurements on site on behalf of ETF – Colas Rail. The scope of these measurements was to verify the parameters that define the vibration mitigation behavior of each section of track, including the validation of the theoretical design parameters such as natural frequencies, excitation spectrum and insertion loss.

VCE performed validation tests at two intervals in Chile. The first measurement campaign focused on the natural frequency and transfer mobilities of various mass-spring systems, determined for loaded and unloaded track condition with artificial force impacts. The second measurement campaign focused on measurements of running trains.

The measurements included a quite detailed investigation of the mitigation measurement systems. ETF – Colas Rail are satisfied with the professionalism and excellence showed during the execution of the activities on site, meetings and reviews.

Location. Santiago de Chile, Chile

Client. Colas Rail

Service of VCE. vibration measurements


Rail Baltic Estonia – Ülemiste Joint Terminal

Project of the Month . November 2023

Ground-borne noise and vibration assessment incl. insertion loss

Ülemiste Station in Tallinn will be the terminus of Rail Baltica, a rail link across the Baltic States that is expected to open in 2030. Rail Baltica high-speed trains will connect the three Baltic capitals with Poland via the new standard gauge railway. The Ülemiste terminus is designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

VCE has been instructed to carry out a detailed ground-borne noise and vibration assessment for the station building, including a numerical 3D prediction model with the scope of defining the required insertion loss curves for the track system, to protect future users of the station terminal. The project is carried out on behalf of Sealable Solutions GmbH, a provider of under ballast mats.

Location. Ülemiste, Estonia

Client. Sealable Solutions GmbH

Services VCE. GBN&V prediction, numerical modelling


Visualisation Ülemiste Station © Zaha Hadid Architects


VCE Nominated for Austrian Award for International Consulting

Vienna, 16 October 2023

The consulting engineering office VCE (Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH) was nominated for the Austrian Award for International Consulting 2023 for the project “Condition Monitoring System for the Offshore Windfarm EAST ANGLIA ONE”.

The Austrian Award for International Engineering Consulting of the Ministry of Economics recognizes outstanding achievements of civil engineers and engineering offices who make an important contribution to international competitiveness and was awarded for the 26th time on 11 October 2023. From 19 submitted projects five nominations and the Award for International Consulting were granted. The consulting engineering office VCE (Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH) was nominated and awarded for the project "Condition-Monitoring-System for the Offshore Windfarm EAST ANGLIA ONE ". The project shows a high level of innovation and supplies responses to relevant topics like renewable energy, saving of resources and climate protection. “This system is a sophisticated innovation for the health monitoring of offshore wind power plants. Thus, not only costs and CO2 can be saved but also consistency, resilience and a long service life can be ensured”, said Peter Furtner of VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH.

Climate Neutrality through Wind Energy?
Wind energy and in particular offshore wind energy can considerably contribute to the EU’s goal to reach climate neutrality by 2050. For this purpose, at least 400 gigawatt of offshore wind power shall be established in Europe (incl. Great Britain and Norway) by 2050. For comparison: Up to now only a total of 25 gigawatt have been established. In order to increase capacity, offshore wind turbines become increasingly big and need massive foundation structures. These steel structures meanwhile reach up to 1,800 tons per wind plant and require huge ships and cranes for installation. In order to minimize the costs and the CO2 emissions, the structures must be kept as slender and light as possible. “Thanks to the condition monitoring system the foundation structures can be optimized and thus up to 50,000 tons of CO2 can be saved during installation and maintenance of big wind parks”, said Mr. Furtner.

Offshore Wind Farm Supplies 600,000 Households with “Green” Electricity
The condition monitoring system of VCE was used in the offshore wind farm East Anglia One (EA1), the first section of the former world’s biggest offshore wind farm with 3.7 gigawatt of total output. It is located approx. 45 km east of Great Britain and supplies up to 600,000 households with “green” electricity. EA1 consists of 102 turbines with 7 MW output each and a rotor diameter of 154 m each. Every turbine stands on an approx. 65 m high steel framework in approx. 45 m deep water. For better illustration: The US Statue of Liberty is only half as high as a wind turbine. The foundation alone weighs 845 tons per wind turbine. These so-called “jackets” must safely transfer the static loads and operating loads of the turbine, the wind loads and the wave loads into the sea floor over an operating period of 30 years. At the same time the jackets must be kept as slender and light as possible to enable the transport and the offshore installation. The loads and load spectrums are currently not completely known or predictable for the whole lifetime of such structures. Therefore, VCE has developed and implemented a total concept for the condition monitoring system together with the client, the planning office for the wind park and the approval authorities to ensure the safe operation by permanent measurements and condition monitoring. For this purpose, sensors were mounted at the foundation structures and the wind turbines. The project also includes the supply and installation of the respective measurement instrumentation, the central data server and the software for the data management, the data analysis and the visualization of the results.


Photo rights, captions:
(from left to right): DI Hermann Wallner (President ACA), Dr. Günther Achs, DI Peter Furtner and Martin Stöger (all of VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH), SC Mag. Roland Weinert (BMAW) Copyright: VCE, printing free of charge
The condition monitoring system of VCE ensures the consistency, resilience and a long service life of wind turbines. Copyright: BMAW/Silveri, printing free of charge

Press contact:
Bianca Mick
VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH
Untere Viaduktgasse 2 1030 Wien, Austria



Vibration Analysis at Overhead Direction Signs

Project of the Month . October 2023

Objective of the analysis and the measurement was the recording and assessment of the vibration behaviour of a gantry. In particular, the eigenfrequencies, the actual displacements and vibration frequencies as well as possible conclusions regarding events triggering vibrations should be determined. The background was that ASFINAG employees had observed and reported noticeable vibrations of the structure during inspections of this or similar gantries.

The measurement was carried out with vibration accelerometers and complemented with a video recording of the traffic at the same time. Based on the results of this short-time measurement an extended measurement concept shall be elaborated.

Location. A2 Southern motorway, Styria, Austria


Service VCE. Vibration analysis


East Anglia THREE Offshore Wind Farm

Project of the Month . September 2023

In July 2023 East Anglia THREE Limited and VCE signed the contract for the “Structural Health Monitoring System” for the offshore wind farm East Anglia THREE, approx. 70 km east of Great Britain.

We are very proud to be able to equip East Anglia THREE with a monitoring system for offshore foundations in addition to the condition monitoring for East Anglia ONE. East Anglia THREE comprises 95 offshore wind turbines with an output of 14+ MW and thus reaches a total output of 1400 megawatt.

Our assignment comprises the optimization of condition monitoring in the scope of value engineering and consequently the equipment of 6 wind turbines with monitoring systems as well as the establishment of the necessary infrastructure for measurement data administration, evaluation and interpretation. The objective is condition monitoring and life-cycle optimization of the wind park.

Location. North Sea

Client. East Anglia THREE (Scottish Power Renewables)

Services of VCE. Structural Health Monitoring


Metro Tunnel Project, Melbourne

Project of the Month . August 2023

The Metro Tunnel Project (MTP) comprises two railway tunnels, each spanning nine kilometers, establishing a connection between Kensington and South Yarra in Melbourne, Victoria. This construction forms an integral section of the expansive rail connection extending from Sunbury in the west, to Cranbourne/Pakenham in the south. As part of this undertaking, five underground railway stations are being constructed. These are Anzac (St Kilda Road), Town Hall (CBD South), State Library (CBD North), Parkville, and Arden Stations.

The specific alignment of the MTP beneath Melbourne's urban core presents a host of technical challenges, such as steep gradients, complex curves, and the close proximity to sensitive surface receivers. The lack of straightforward access for delivering track components and inserting large volumes of concrete further complicates the project. These considerations led to the selection of the Porr Slab Track System (internationally known as STA – Slab Track Austria), which is capable of meeting the particular requirements regarding ground-borne noise and vibrations and maintaining precise track geometry tolerances.

The physical realisation of the construction was managed by CYP Design and Construction (CYP D&C), which commissioned Vossloh and Porr. These two companies were entrusted with the design of the slab track and floating slab track (FST), as well as the production of the slab track panels and the supply of rail fastenings. In this construction network, VCE was responsible for Porr's design tasks.

VCE's responsibilities included the system design of the slab track panels, tailored to meet both standard and high vibration attenuation requirements. For very high attenuation, a Floating Slab Track (FST) was deployed, which was also accounted for in VCE’s planning. In a novel approach, pre-cast elements of the FST were conjoined into longer sections via a post-tensioning process, thus bypassing the time-intensive in-situ approach. Also part of the scope was ensuring precise placement of the slab track panels, pre-cast FST components for transitions and curves, and cable crossings and drainage shafts along the rail alignment.

Location. Melbourne, Australia

Client. Porr Bau GmbH

Services VCE. Detailed design of slab track,design of mass-spring system (Floating Slab Track)


Mauritius Metro

Project of the Month . July 2023

Mauritius Metro Express is a Light Rail Transit System designed and built by Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T), India and operated by Metro Express Ltd (MEL) Mauritius. The alignment connects the dense suburbs at Curepipe, Quatre Borne, Rosehill, to the business district in Port Louis (Phases 1 & 2). This 26 km route includes 19 stations (two elevated) and connects major bus interchanges to enable a multimodal urban transit solution. Besides connecting the arterial route from Curepipe to Port Louis, the route also connects the eastern suburbs thru Cybercity, University Campus and Reduit (3.5km Phase 3).

The project involves various track forms to ensure minimal maintenance and noise and vibration mitigation. Towards validating the NAV values in actual conditions, L&T engaged VCE to assess ground-borne noise and vibration (GBNV) and airborne noise (ABN) in Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the project (Curepipe to Victoria 26 km and Rosehill to Reduit of 3.4 km).

VCE’s scope included a detailed assessment of GBNV and ABN for the extension of the network according to the local regulations. Details on local geology and structural dynamics were assessed to predict the noise and vibration impact in buildings located near the track.

Location. Mauritius

Client. Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T), India

Services VCE. Noise & vibration and airborne noise measurement


U2/U5 Track System Design

Project of the Month . June 2023

Tender design of the track system including floating track slab systems and detailed design of the turnout areas

The extension of the underground railway line U2 and the re- and new construction of U5 are the most important common future project for Vienna’s public transport. The sections U2/17 to U2/22 and U5/2 connect 6 new stations and comprise a track length of approx. 12 km and 24 turnouts.

In the course of the project Wiener Linien started tendering of the structural building measures in 2018. VCE prepared tender design of the track system for the route, station and turnout areas for the new construction areas as well as the adjustment areas at the existing line U2.

The services include static and dynamic dimensioning of all vibration protection systems (floating slab track systems) for standard and special areas, the preparation of a technical description and technical specifications for individual components, the formulation of a logistic site concept for the installation of the track system and the preparation of tender drawings for the track system. Furthermore, service specifications were drawn up including the bill of quantities for track construction and subconcrete.

At the moment VCE performs detailed design of the turnout systems in the connecting structures of the existing to the new sections. Subsequently, the areas in the new sections are designed in detail.

Location. Vienna

Client. Wiener Linien



North-Arm Fraser River Crossing

Project of the Month . May 2023

The Canada-Line-Bridge in Vancouver serves for the sky train connection of the airport with the city. It is an extradosed bridge with a main span of 180 metres and a total length of 562 metres crossing the north arm of the Fraser River.

The 24 stay cables with a tension force of approx. 8000 kN each are to be subjected to a force measurement every 6 years in the course of the main bridge examination. As already in 2016, this cable force inspection was carried out by VCE by means of the BRIMOS® method in 2023. The measurements took place during regular train operation of the sky train on 18 April 2023.

Location. Vancouver, Canada

Client. Structural Technologies, LLC, Fort Worth, Texas

Service of VCE. Cable force measurement


Konkan Railway, India

Project of the Month . April 2023

India’s National Importance Project - Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramula Rail Link Project (USBRL), J&K.

In association with Primerail Infralabs Pvt Ltd VCE has bagged the project comprising the consultancy services for proof checking of design and the drawings for ballastless track on the Katra-Dharam section of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramula Rail Link Project – approx. 59.45 km [broad gauge Indian Railways – 160 kmph].

Scope of services:

  • Proof checking of design and drawings of the subcontractor BLT for three packages including tunnels, embankments, bridges, approaches and yards /loop lines.
  • Technical advisory services to KRCL for design, construction and maintenance of the broad-gauge of BLT.
  • The project features three different approved fastening system providers , RHEDA 2000 , Pandrol booted block technology & Delkor.

Location. Jammu & Kashmir, India

Client. Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. (KRCL)

Services of VCE. Consultancy Services for Proof Checking of Designs & Drawings


Research Project CP-Sens

Project of the Month . March 2023

Cyber Physical Sensing for Machinery and Structures

In the research project CP-Sens the corporate partners HBK (Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer), Vestas Aircoil and VCE are developing a cost-effective DIGITAL TWIN-Framework together with the research partners University of Aarhus, University of Aalborg and FORCE Technology.

A DIGITAL TWIN-compatible system is a combination of a physical system, the so-called physical twin, and its virtual digital twin, which can be used for predicting several characteristics of the physical twin.

The physical system (e.g.: a civil engineering structure, a machine, a wind turbine) is equipped with sensors, which enable the assessment of unobserved parameters or quantities not measured (virtual measurement) in combination with simulation models. Thus, predications on the behaviour of a physical system under varying loads (weather conditions etc.) or on the remaining life (fatigue etc.) can be made. The research project shall develop and provide a cost-effective overall solution which can be easily used.

The project with a period of 3 years is financially supported by the “Innovation Fund Denmark”.


High Speed Two (HS2), UK

Project of the Month . February 2023

High Speed Two (HS2) is currently Europe’s largest infrastructure project. The brand-new railway high-speed line will connect London to Birmingham and Manchester on over 450 km of track.

Most of the route will be equipped with PORR STA – the Slab Track Austria system. VCE contributes with its technical know-how and support as Lead Designer on behalf of PORR UK Ltd. for the track system on open route sections, on viaducts and in cut & cover and bored tunnels at very high speed. The scope of VCE includes the entire track design for speeds up to 360 kph, interface aspects for bridges, earthworks and tunnels, acoustic consultancy, life cycle assessment, maintenance aspects and environmental assessment. The current phase includes the preliminary system design, followed by the detailed design in the successive stages.

Location. London-Birmingham, UK

Client. PORR UK Ltd.

Services of VCE. Detailed design of ballast-less track construction, dynamic assessment, N&V design, BIM, interaction bridges-structure, LCA, environmental engineering


Baltic Hub Project

Project of the Month . January 2023

The Baltic Hub project comprises the Baltic Eagle (BE) and Wikinger Süd (WKS) wind farms located in the German Sector of the Baltic Sea, within the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The intention of grouping these sites into a single project is to benefit from synergies throughout development and operation.

VCE was awarded the contract for the design, manufacture and installation of five CMS (Condition Monitoring System) units, which will be installed mostly onshore and will be completed and commissioned offshore.

The first installation trip to the shipyard in Aviles (Spain) took place in December 2022, the next is scheduled for February 2023.

This condition monitoring system monitors and analyzes wave height/direction, tower inclination, vibrations of the structure, structural stresses and material temperatures.

Location. Baltic Sea

Client. Scottish Power IBERDROLA GROUP

Service VCE. BRIMOS Condition Monitoring System


Offshore Converter Platform DolWin epsilon

Project of the Month . December 2022

Installation of a Permanent Monitoring System

In the project DolWin5 TenneT realizes an offshore network connection system with an output of 900 Megawatt in maximum voltage direct current transmission method. The three-phase current produced by the wind parks at sea is converted into direct current on the corresponding offshore platform DolWin epsilon and transported in southern direction to Hamswehrum near the Ems River in East Frisia via a 100 km long sea cable.

Currently the DolWin epsilon platform is built in Singapore to be subsequently transported to the North Sea.

The platform DolWin epsilon is equipped with a permanent measurement system for structural health monitoring for its service life by VCE.

Services of VCE:

  • Conceptual and detailed design of the monitoring system
  • Installation of the measurement system in Singapore
  • Software for the operation of the measurement system, for data analysis and visualization
  • Transport monitoring of the platform
  • Permanent monitoring of the platform
  • Modelling of the platform and sensitivity analysis
  • Data analysis and reports on platform behaviour

Location. Singapore & North Sea

Client. TenneT



Innovative Research Contributions Awarded

On 24 November 2022 the VCE innovation prize was awarded within the framework of an academic ceremony in the festival room of Gregor-Mendel-Haus at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU). Outstanding engineering and scientific achievements as well as innovative technical contributions, which were written as diploma/master thesis, dissertation or habilitation treatise, are recognized by the VCE innovation prize. These papers of civil engineering comprise infrastructure, construction engineering, underground and structural engineering as well as monitoring, assessment and maintenance of structures.

Construction engineering needs innovative and sustainable solutions and approaches to be able to cope with the complex ecological and economic requirements of the 21st century”, said Peter Furtner, consulting engineer for hydraulic engineering and water management and authorized representative with VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH. “Therefore, we have the central concern to bring important research results into practice and thus strengthen the innovative power in civil engineering with the VCE prize.”

The submitted contributions were assessed according to the criteria innovation, practice / science and relevance by an expert jury consisting of Univ.-Prof. Konrad Bergmeister from BOKU (Institute for Structural Engineering), Univ.-Prof. Nguyen Viet Tue from the Graz Technical University (Institute for Concrete Construction) and Peter Furtner of VCE.

The awarded papers deal with the improvement of the climate balance and the reaching of the climate targets in the fields of railway engineering, bridge construction and concrete construction.

Peter Furtner and Robert Schedler of VCE recognized the prize winners during the academic ceremony and handed over the prize money of € 5,000.

The winners are:

1st Place. Dr. Andreas Stollwitzer
Vienna University of Technology, Faculty for Civil Engineering
“Entwicklung eines Ansatzes zur rechnerischen Bestimmung der Dämpfung von Eisenbahnbrücken mit Schotteroberbau” (Developing an Approach for the Mathematical Calculation of the Damping Value of Railway Bridges with Ballasted Track) – Doctoral Thesis

In view of the global climate targets and traffic relocation towards rail traffic associated to this for reaching the latter currently the high-speed railway network is being globally extended. Railway bridges must be examined in advance with regard to their dynamic behaviour under high-speed traffic in order to identify occurring and potentially hazardous resonance events and to take measures for avoiding them.

2nd Place: Thomas Glanzer-Unterscheider, MSc.
Graz Technical University, Institute for Concrete Construction
“Schnittgrößenumlagerungen bei Rahmenbrücken” (Load Redistributions in Frame Bridges) – Master Thesis

There is an increasing trend in bridge construction towards integral construction as maintenance-intensive bearing structures can be avoided. A further benefit is the static system as, in contrast to the single-span girder, in the frame system with the same span lower internal forces and thus lower slenderness can be realized. In the paper the load-bearing behaviour of a frame bridge with different reinforcement ratios and soil consistencies was examined, analysed and compared with the conventional linear elastic calculations.

3rd Place: DI Florian Brosch
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna, Institute for Structural Engineering (IKI)
“Numerische Modellierung von Festbeton auf Basis experimenteller Untersuchungen und beispielhafte Anwendung an einem carbonbewehrten Betonträger” (Numerical Modeling of Hardened Concrete Based on Experimental Investigations and Exemplary Application on a Carbon-reinforced Concrete Beam) – Diploma Thesis

The carbon footprint of concrete components can be improved by optimizing the geometry and the choice of the material. It is essential to investigate the load-bearing behaviour of new mixture designs and new geometries to be able to evaluate their potential. Within the scope of this thesis the feasibility of calibrating numerical material models was investigated on the basis of experimentally determined material parameters.


On the photo (from left to right): Univ.Prof. Dr. Christian Obinger, vice chancellor for research and innovation at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences; Peter Furtner VCE; Dr. Andreas Stollwitzer; Thomas Glanzer-Unterscheider, MSc.; Florian Brosch; Robert Schedler VCE; Univ.Prof. Dr. Eva Schulev-Steindl, LL.M., vice chancellor University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

Photo credit: Christoph Gruber - BOKU-IT

, ,

Project of the Month . November 2022

Tram Line 27

The public transport network in Donaustadt, especially in the new urban development areas, is constantly being expanded. From autumn 2025, the new line 27 will connect the neighboring districts of Floridsdorf and Donaustadt. The route of tram line 27 leads from Strebersdorf via the existing route of line 26 to Zanggasse and then via the new route to the U2 station Aspern Nord. Of the 28 stops, 6 will be newly built. The new tram project also creates many new green spaces, such as Hirschstettner Allee as Vienna's "2nd main avenue", a green track and new cycle connections.

To protect the residents, VCE is conducting noise and vibration prediction assessments along the new line.

Location. Vienna, Austria

Client. Wiener Linien

Services VCE. noise and vibration prediction assessments


Project of the Month . October 2022

NCRTC Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut

Koridor RRTS Dillí – Ghaziabad – Meerut je 82,15 km dlhá dvojkoľajová železničná trať, ktorá vychádza z konečnej stanice v centre Dillí a vedie až do Meerutu. Trať zahŕňa 68 km nadzemného viaduktu a zvyšná dĺžka je v podzemí. Projektová rýchlosť je 160 km/h (návrhová rýchlosť 180 km/h).

Projekt bude realizovaný s prefabrikovaným systémom Slab Track Austria pre úsek viaduktu, tunely, stanice a depá. NCRTC poverilo PORR Bau GmbH ako dodávateľa koľajového systému a VCE poverilo návrhom koľajiska. Konštrukčný balík pre dodávateľa koľajového systému pozostáva z prípravy typickej konštrukcie PORR Slab Track so všetkými dokumentmi potrebnými na vypracovanie detailného projektu.

Po uvedení do prevádzky to bude najrýchlejší, najpohodlnejší a najbezpečnejší spôsob prímestskej dopravy v regióne hlavného mesta.

Miesto. Dillí, India

Klient. Porr Bau GmbH

Služby VCE. Dizajn trate


VCE Has Extended its Management Board

Vienna, October 2022

VCE has extended its management board by Günther Achs as of now. Together with the other managing directors he takes further important steps towards sustainability, climate protection and digitization.

Since October 2022 Günther Achs (43) has extended the management board of VCE. Up to now more than 350 employees have been led by Wolf-Dietrich Denk, Dieter Pichler and Robert Schedler. The management board now consists of four persons. Within ten years Mr. Achs has risen from authorized representative to partner in the management board of VCE and its subsidiaries. Günther Achs studied structural engineering at the Vienna University of Technology and has more than 15 years of professional experience as project manager.
Günther Achs has significantly further developed the field Acoustics, Dynamics, Building Physics, Measurement & Instrumentation since joining the company in 2005 and he will also be responsible for the sectors Traffic Design and Geotechnics in future.

With Sustainability and Digitization towards more Quality of Life
In his new position as managing director of VCE Mr. Achs would like to further push sustainability, climate protection and digitization in construction engineering. As firmly anchored in the company vision, it is an essential target to sustainably increase the quality of life of the people. “Our employees are the basis for the company success, and we would like to encourage them to develop new working methods, products and services – ideas should not be limited”, says Mr. Achs and adds,“ In this way we have been able to considerably extend our scope of services in the field of environmental engineering and digitization in the last few years and to contribute to our socio-political responsibility.” Digitization serves as acceleration factor to make processes more efficient, increase the quality of services and successfully handle projects for our clients.

A Positive Look into the Future
Due to the current market situation considering pandemic, inflation and war Günther Achs sees a lot of challenges but also opportunities. Regarding the continuously increasing lack of personnel VCE has positioned itself as modern employer. “Home office and flexible working time models are a possibility to respond to the individual needs of the employees of VCE and to offer them an attractive working environment. VCE as interdisciplinary and international company is well prepared for quickly changing markets thanks to flexibility, quality and innovation“, says Günter Achs.


Project of the Month . September 2022

Cable Force Survey of Cable-Stayed Bridge A4 Eastern Motorway (B 0208)

The cable-stayed bridge of the A4 eastern motorway over the Danube Canal was repaired in 2009. The works were supported by VCE by means of accompanying cable force measurements. Since then the cable forces of all 64 stay cables have been checked by measurements and analyses every 3 years. The current measurement was performed by means of the BRIMOS® method. In this process all stay cables were instrumented with 3D accelerometers, the cable forces were determined from the vibration behaviour of the cables by means of eigenfrequency analysis and compared to the results of the previous measurements.

Location. Vienna, Austria


Service VCE. Cable force survey


Project of the Month . August 2022



Methods for CO2 balancing in the life cycle of infrastructures

Winning project of the VIF 2020 tender (traffic infrastructure research in the field of climate protection)

Status Quo

50% of the world-wide CO2 emissions can be directly or indirectly allocated to the building industry - enabling an enormous saving potential for their carbon footprint. In the sector of civil and underground engineering the decisions have been predominantly taken on the basis of the expected structural life-cycle costs (=primary costs) to date, e.g.: in the course of tenders and competitions. There is no tool generally applicable to the sector for the calculation of consequential environmental costs yet.

DECARBONISATION FIRST follows the idea that future decision-making for building measures will be based on a considerably higher weighting of costs due to the carbon footprint while it aims to increase the acceptance of the associated primary costs at the same time.

Methods and Procedure

The objective of the research project is to create a database with CO2-equivalents representative for Austria (“Cradle to Grave”) for the relevant building materials of infrastructures (bridges, pavement, dams, retaining walls, trough constructions). For this purpose, a methodology for the connection of a life-cycle cost calculation with CO2 balancing (ÖNORM EN ISO 14040 Ökobilanz) considering the spreading of the input parameters is developed.

For the performance of variant analyses of infrastructures, a practical calculation tool is created which determines costs and CO2 equivalents over the whole life cycle (manufacturing, construction, operation, demolition, disposal/re-use). The methodology and the respective benchmarks and parameters are subsequently summarized in a guideline.


DECARBONISATION FIRST provides a major instrument for shaping the resources applied in the course of a building project along the value-added chains with increased environmental responsibility to reach the national climate protection targets.

The project addresses the impending compensation payments of the republic of Austria for the purchase of CO2-certificates amounting to billions of euros and pursues the objective to reduce the share allocated to the civil and underground engineering sector within the shortest possible time to the highest possible extent. In the last few years climate protection has dramatically gained significance in society. DECARBONISATION FIRST immediately meets this social responsibility and ensures that the civil and underground engineering sector can make its contribution to the achievement of the climate protection targets in a measurable form.

Project Status

By the end of April 2022 the mid-term meeting took place with all the project partners and the clients. There the essential milestones already reached, i.e.: “methodical development” and the “elaboration of a detailed GWP catalogue for the addressed assets and their elements”, were presented.

Furthermore, first insights into Work Package 5 “Simulation calculations” were given by providing a comparative prediction of the whole noise barrier portfolio of ASFINAG including

  • estimated reinvestment realization quantities,
  • expected costs
  • as well as the associated Co2 balance

for the upcoming 15 years.


Client . BMK / ASFINAG

Project coordinator & project partner . VCE

Project partner . Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria), TU-Wien (Vienna University of Technology)


Project of the Month . July 2022

Wakrah & Wukair Drainage Tunnel Doha, Qatar

The project is located in the southern part of Doha in the vicinity of Wakrah and Wukair municipalities and is part of the sewage networks of these locations. The project comprises the design and construction of a 13.3 km long TBM sewage tunnel in double-shell construction with 4500 mm inner diameter and up to 61 m depth, 8 access shafts and drop structures, which are all part of the Wakrah - Wukair and Industrial Area sewage network.

On 5 and 28 February 2022 the two tunnel boring machines with a boring diameter of 5,885 mm were successfully started. The two TBMs will bore the 13.3 km long tunnel expected until May 2023 and establish the tunnel’s outer shell by means of segments. Since the start of construction already all temporary shotcrete shafts with a maximum diameter of more than 20m and a depth of up to 63m have been excavated. In the shotcrete shafts the erection of the permanent shaft structures has already begun and the construction measures shall be concluded in early summer of 2024. The design is carried out using the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method.

Location. Doha, Qatar
Client. PORR-HBK-MIDMAC Joint Venture
Services VCE. static and structural design


Project of the Month . June 2022

Vandruk-Ponirak – Flysch Slopes

The motorway currently under construction between Ljubljana and Sarajevo runs through geologically difficult terrain in the Vandruk-Ponirak section. JP Autoceste contracted VCE to organise a team of experts to visit and assess the critical high-level cuts (up to 70 metres) in the steep flysch slopes in sectors 1, 6 and 7.

The team of experts, consisting of Prof. Roman Marte (TU-Graz), Mag. Michael Brandmayr (GDP) and Dr. Fritz Kopf (VCE), carried out an on-site inspection. In the following report, the existing documents and explorations are discussed, the respective geology is assessed, the design of the office draft as well as different variants are discussed, and finally, alternatives are presented and recommendations for the further procedure are given.

Location. BiH
Client. JP Autoceste FBiH doo Mostar
Services. Expertise


Project of the Month . May 2022

Motorway Section Počitelj - Zvirovići

The motorway subsection Počitelj-Zvirovići is part of the project corridor Vc motorway project in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a total length of 702 km, Corridor Vc is part of the international E-road network, connecting Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The longest part of Corridor Vc goes through the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a key part in the development of the country.

The Počitelj – Zvirovići subsection is 11.75 km long, and the most significant structure on the subsection is the Počitelj Bridge with a total length of 945 metres and a maximum height of 100 metres, the construction of which will connect the two banks of the Neretva River. In addition to the bridge, an interchange will also be built together with a toll station and access roads to the Buna – Domanovići regional road and the M-17 main road as well as three viaducts, a tunnel and an open route.

Currently the pylons and the 1-kilometre-long tunnel have been largely completed. The bridge deck will be erected in the next few months in cantilever method with 2x2 cantilever carriages. In addition, the construction of an 800-metre-long slope section in steep rock with 60 high berms and two smaller bridges is under progress.

Location. BiH

Client. Autoceste Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine ltd. Mostar

Services VCE. technical assistance


Project of the Month . April 2022

TenneT Offshore Converter Platforms in the North Sea

TenneT is the leading transmission system operator in Germany. In this function TenneT currently operates offshore converter platforms in the North Sea, which transfer the energy obtained with offshore wind parks and convert it into high-voltage direct current in order to enable low-loss transmission and network connection. Each of these platforms has a capacity of up to 900 MW.

VCE was commissioned to install and operate twelve of these platforms with permanent structural health monitoring systems with a focus on load effects and motion behaviour. The services also comprise data analysis, calculations and life-cycle observations.

Location. North Sea

Client. TenneT TSO GmbH

Service VCE. Permanent structural health monitoring with measurements


Project of the Month . March 2022

Vienna University of Technology – Building Phases 2+3 Safety Restoration

After conclusion of building phase 1 the building measures of building phase 2 were started in summer 2021. In the course of safety restoration at the Vienna University of Technology the evacuation system is reconsidered, and a link of the existing corridors is established. Appropriately, new hydrant risers and boxes are erected. Safety and corridor lighting as well as the electric lines are completely renewed. Furthermore, new seminar rooms are built in the Panigl wing in building phase 3.

Currently the completion of building phase 2 is in progress. The last painting activities are carried out so that operation can start in Karl’s wing in the summer semester. At the same time the first demolition measures of building phase 3 have started in Panigl wing.

Location. Vienna, Austria

Client. Consortium PM1 + ITAC

Services. Statical and structural design and check engineer according to the Viennese Building Code


Project of the Month . February 2022

Fire Station Saarlouis – Assessment of prestressed stays with BRIMOS®

The subject of the current examination is the determination of the current prestressing forces within the twelve steel bars as a part of the trussed roof frame construction of the Saarlouis fire station.

The examination was triggered by the failure of one of the stays (at the respective trussed roof frame an unusual deformation had been detected) at the end of October 2021. This led to the question regarding the distribution of the tension forces within the remaining group of eleven components.

On the basis of a non-destructive, dynamic measurement in November 2021 the actual prestressing level in the stays was determined. Thus, a relevant basis for the assessment and evaluation of the current situation and the further procedure was created.

Under the arch concerned an emergency support was erected immediately after damage detection and detailed expert investigations, which are still in progress, were introduced. The fire brigade remained ready for operation without any interruption.

Location. Saarlouis, Germany

Client. District town Saarlouis, Office for urban planning, building construction, preservation of historical monuments and environment

Services. Investigation concept, dynamic measurement, data analysis, comparative analytical calculation, effective prestressing forces & utilisation rates, assessment & interpretation


Project of the Month . January 2022

Aanpak Ring Zuid, NL

Due to the high traffic load the southern ring motorway through the town of Groningen (A7, Ring Zuid) is repaired on a total length of 12 km and is partly newly built. In this process the existing motorway is demolished between km 197.6 and km 198.9 and will run underground in future. Building 19, established in this connection, is a double-cell tunnel construction in open construction method with 4lanes each per direction. The approx. 35 m wide structure has both open trough areas and "classical" closed tunnel areas.

Planning was carried out using the method Building Information Modelling (BIM). This included the modelling, plan derivation from the models and above all the 3D coordination with fixtures and outbuildings under consideration of the construction stages. Subsequently the model is being used by the construction company for documentation and work preparation.

The progress of the execution works differs over the 1,2 km long structure. In some excavation pit (building pit compartments), the underwater concrete slab was poured and in the next step the base slab of the final construction will be casted. In other excavation compartments, the shell construction of the structure has already been completed and the next step contains the entire architectural and electro-mechanical equipment of the structure.

Location. Groningen, The Netherlands

Client. Combinatie Herepoort

Services of VCE. Submission Design, Construction design, structural design und Tracking implemented solutions on the construction site


Project of the Month . December 2021

HS2 - Track System Design for High Speed 2

HS2 currently is the biggest infrastructure project in the UK, for which a high-speed route is built from London to Birmingham and Manchester.

On more than 450 km a track system is established as ballast-less track with the ÖBB-PORR system. The project comprises phases 1 and 2a of HS2. VCE supplies the technical know-how and is the total designer for track construction on all free route areas as well as in tunnels with open construction method. The design services for driving speeds up to 360 km/h comprise track system design in BIM incl. sonic studies, life-cycle assessment, dynamic modelling and environmental investigations for driving speeds up to 360 km/h. We are currently working at Activity 2 (System Design) for the sections on earthwork and bridges.

Location.London-Birmingham, UK
Client. PORR UK Ltd.
Services VCE. Detailed design of ballast-less track construction, dynamic assessment, N&V design, BIM, interaction bridges-structure, LCA, environmental engineering

Video BIM Day 2021. BIM Flagship Project HS2


Project of the Month . November 2021

Kömürhan Bridge . Permanent Structural Health Monitoring

Kömürhan Bridge is a newly built cable-stayed bridge over the Euphrates near the city of Elazig in Turkey. The bridge has a total length of 660 metres with a main span of 380 metres and a pylon height of 160 metres.

The bridge was equipped with a permanent monitoring system by VCE. This monitoring system comprises 56 sensors with 86 measuring channels. All measurement data are automatically evaluated and visualized in the password-protected BRIMOS web-user-interface and provided to clients. The scope of services additionally included a load test after completion of the bridge.

Location. Elazig, Türkei
Client. Dogus-Gülsan Kömürhan Santiyesi
Services of VCE. Concept, preliminary design, detailed design for the monitoring system; supply, installation and acceptance test; evaluation software, web-user-interface; load test


Ulrich Eder takes new paths

Mr. Ulrich Eder is taking a new path and founding his own office as an independent civil engineer on 1.10.2021. In the 20 years he has been with the company, many partnerships and connections have been forged, which have found lasting expression in very successful projects: for this reason, we at FCP.VCE are also very happy to continue to work together with DI Eder in the future and to continue what has been successful together.

Nevertheless, this is also a farewell and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the cooperation and the numerous milestones we have achieved together: dear Ulrich Eder, we wish you the very best.
The management.


Project of the Month . October 2021

Gewan Island Entrance Bridge

The bridge deck has been completed on 22nd of September 2021 with the casting of the stitch in the middle of the bridge. The remaining works include tensioning of the remaining pre-stressing cables, activation of bearings, tuning of stay-cable forces, installation of parapets and barriers, application of asphalt and installation of expansion joints, lighting, drainage, road signs etc.



Gewan Island Stay-cable bridge provides a connection to the newly constructed Gewan Island, located between The Pearl, Qatar and Lusail.

The bridge design by Dar Al-Handasah defines a complex bridge geometrie with an S-shape in plan view, two pylons on pile foundations and a concrete deck supported by 72 parallel strand stay-cables.

Because the construction has to be performed while traffic on the main traffic connection with the luxury residential area The Pearl Qatar has to be maintained, the bridge is constructed using the free cantilever erection method. Both pylons, the abutments and parts of the deck will be cast in-situ, while the biggest part of the deck will be constructed from pre-cast concrete segments.

Bridge length: 70m+110m+70m=250 m
Height pylons: approx. 50 m

Location. Doha, Qatar
Service. Construction Engineering



Project of the Month . September 2021

Wakrah & Wukair Drainage Tunnel Doha, Qatar

The Project is located in the southern part of Doha in the vicinity of Wakrah and Wukair Municipalities and is part of the sewage networks of these locations. The Projects comprises the design and construction of a 13.3 km long TBM sewage tunnel in double-shell construction with 4500 mm inner diameter and up to 61 m depth, eight access shafts and drop structures, which are all part of the Wakrah - Wukair and Industrial Area sewage network.

VCE’s scope covers all temporary shafts with an inner diameter of up to 20.5m and up to 63m depth, around 300m of NATM tunnels, the around 13km long segment tunnel, around 300m of cast in-situ concrete tunnel, the complete tunnel inner lining and all permanent shaft structures.

The design is carried out using the method Building Information Modelling (BIM).


Client. PORR-HBK-MIDMAC Joint Venture

Services. structural design


Project of the Month . August 2021

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The university at Vienna’s Schillerplatz has been elaborately rehabilitated and extended for the last three and a half years. By autumn the final works shall be concluded and the Academy of Fine Arts shall shine in new splendour. The normal study programme shall be resumed at the beginning of the winter semester 2021/2022.

The listed building with 17,300 square metres of existing useful area and 500 square metres of new useful area as well as 1,000 square metres of open areas was erected between 1872 and 1877 according to plans by the architect Theophil Hansen.

In the course of the construction works extensive restoration of floor, wall and ceiling areas, furniture as well as ceiling frescoes was carried out. Historic doors and windows but also parquet and terrazzo floors were renovated. One of the new elements of the Academy is the establishment of a subterranean depot including a study room in front in one of the courtyards of the building.

Due to the renewal of the technical building equipment as well as a reinforcement of the exterior windows and roofs it was possible to create a modern university site from the historic building.


Client. BIG-Unternehmensbereich Universitäten

Services in consortium with FCP. Site supervision, health & safety engineering


2nd EESD Symposium

We are looking forward to host the 2nd Symposium on Earthquake Engineering in cooperation with ÖIAV and OGE by November 18, 2021.

It is our pleasure to announce six international lectures covering most relevant topics of the special subject “Seismic Analysis and Design of Nonstructural Components”.

Please note, this is a hybrid event – we are thrilled to welcome you in Vienna or alternatively in the webinar. Check out the save-the-date flyer & stay tuned for a detailed programme after the summer break. Our mission is keeping the community as vibrant as possible – the event is free of charge!

When. Thursday, November 18, 2021
Duration. 12:30 – 6:00 p.m.

On-Site-Event & Online.
Haus der Barmherzigkeit
Heigerleinstraße 29, 1160 Vienna


You can find more information on



Obituary Peter Fritsch

Baurat h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fritsch died at the age of 81 after a longer illness on 7 June 2021.

Peter Fritsch was born in Vienna in 1940 and joined the Viennese office of the bridge construction pioneer Kurt Wenzel after his studies of civil engineering at the Technical University in Vienna in 1966.

From the beginning of his professional career Baurat Fritsch had been always closely involved in bridge construction and the big bridge structures which were built in Austria in the 1960s to 1980s. Thereby he acquired an excellent reputation as a bridge construction engineer.  

Together with his congenial partner Gerd Chiari Mr. Fritsch already realized at a very early stage that Austrian bridge design competence was also in great demand internationally and thus he spread this know-how under the name VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers as far as to Taiwan and South Korea. Highlights were doubtlessly the design services for the Olympic Grand Bridge in Seoul and for the Kao Ping Hsi Bridge in Taiwan. Mr. Fritsch had the honour to accept the Austrian Award for International Consulting for both of the outstanding cable-stayed bridges with ground-breaking dimensions for that time.

Peter Fritsch stands for entrepreneurial spirit combined with expertise in FCP.VCE.

Apart from his wife, Peter Fritsch leaves behind two adult sons, daughters-in-law and several grandchildren. We wish his family a lot of strength in these difficult days.  

The FCP.VCE company group will always keep respectful memories of Baurat h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fritsch. His spirit will live on in our company.


Project of the Month . June 2021

A99 Bavaria – BIM As-Built Modelling

The project A99 for the Autobahn GmbH des Bundes NL Südbayern and STRUCINSPECT involved the creation of a BIM based structural inspection model for the BW32/1 on the Autobahnring München. The project included the creation of an as-built LOD 500 BIM model; produced using the point cloud based scan to BIM process and enriched using information extracted from the existing reinforcement drawings and inspection reports.

In addition, the project involved the development of a custom software tool to automatically generate a structural inspection BIM model derived solely from the output of the digital structural inspection. A custom Python IfcOpenShell tool was developed to automatically transform the raw ASCII data output from the digital inspection into a highly detailed, information rich IFC4 model and accompanying BCF damages catalogue.

The software solution has been entered for a buildingSMART award in the technology category.

> Video Vimeo


Passenger Trains through Gasworks Tunnel again after 40 Years

London, UK

On 26 April 2021, a passenger train passed the eastern Gasworks Tunnel to the railway station King’s Cross for the first time in 40 years again. The ballast-less track was designed by FCP together with the executing company Rhomberg Sersa UK.

The East Coast Main Line connects Edinburgh in Scotland with the railway station King’s Cross in London. Directly before the terminal King’s Cross there are the three Gasworks Tunnels (West, Middle and East), which were built between 1852 and 1892. The tracks in the eastern tunnel were removed and closed in 1977.

Within the scope of a major modernization in 2020 and at the beginning of 2021 extensive construction measures were carried out at the East Coast Line and in particular in the area of the railway station King’s Cross. As part of it the eastern Gasworks Tunnel was equipped with two tracks and respective overhead power supply systems so that the railway station can now be reached by two additional tracks, which considerably increases the total capacity. Due to the constricted space available in the existing tunnel the ballast-less system Slab Track Austria by the company. Porr using track base plates with a width of 2.12m was especially suitable. The route in the tunnel partly runs directly below a residential building which is why the track base plates were equipped with elastic mats at the bottom side for a mitigation of vibrations in this area. In the tunnel a transfer point with the system LVT was established as well.

The ballast-less track was designed together with the executing company Rhomberg Sersa UK:

  • detailed structural design of track base plates according to UK standard for soled and unsoled systems
  • calculation and determination of the vibration-related properties for the soled track base plate
  • design of the expansion joint between slab track and earthwork with transition module V-TRAS
  • design of ballast-less track in the tunnel (track base plate and turnout), the transition areas at the adjoining earthwork incl. drainage in BIM at a collaborative overall model (Project Wise, Bentley Open Rail), which displays all subsections as a whole


Project of the Month . May 2021

Environmental Noise Directive – Noise Mapping 2022 Vienna

Generation and Preparation of strategic noise maps according to EU and Local Environmental Noise Directive for the reporting in 2022.

How high is the actual noise impact in Vienna?

VCE was repeatedly awarded to generate the actual strategic noise maps in the City of Vienna. In intervals of 5 years the European Parliament and the European Council released the obligation to implement the European Noise Directive 2002/49/EG resulting in strategic noise maps considering traffic noise from road and railways, aircraft noise and noise from industrial plants (IPPC plants). To prepare the generation and publication of the strategic noise maps in 2022 FCP is currently collecting traffic data in representative sections on site and starts with three-dimensional mapping of the City of Vienna. Subsequently different scenarios of noise sources and impacts will be generated and prepared for publication.

On the plattform the strategic noise maps of the year 2017 can be reviewed for each and every location in Vienna.

To refine the noise model the actual traffic is counted at several locations. The results will be adopted to the main traffic network and considered in the noise model.

Additionally a detailed investigation of facades and a three-dimensional presentaton of noise levels at building surfaces shall be implemented in the model.

Client. Vienna Environmental Protection Department, MA 22

Services. noise mapping, acoustic calculations of railway, road and site noise


Project of the Month . April 2021

ILM Bridges S7 Fürstenfelder Express Highway

Bridge construction in a different way? 300m of a bridge formed, reinforced and concreted on only 30m? Among many tried and tested bridge construction methods one is particularly standing out, the incremental launching method (ILM). In this method the whole bridge is built in sections (incrementally) at one bridge end (in the so-called “base”), the individual sections are connected by means of prestressing and then shifted along the longitudinal bridge direction by means of hydraulic presses. This happens until the leading end of the bridge arrives at the “correct” position.

Two further features of this construction method: incremental launching is done in a weekly cycle: on Monday prestressing and shifting is done, up to Friday reinforcing and concreting of the next section and hardening over the weekend. Thus 20-30m of bridge per week are created. In order not to stress the structure too much during shifting, a so-called launching nose helps: the latter is connected with the first section and reaches up to the next pylon – consequently a continuous beam is established from the beginning.

On the project: On behalf of ASFINAG the company. Massivbau builds three new bridges in ILM along the new S7 Fürstenfelder Express Highway. The bridges have total lengths of 310, 180 and 265m with maximum spans of 38.5, 32.0 and 40.0m. As originally another construction method (formwork carriage) was planned and contracted, a special challenge has to be coped with: rescheduling to the new building method in the coursed of detailed design.

Incremental launching has already been started at the first bridge, for the other objects the substruction is just being established – as in all three bridges the same launching nose is used, they are built one after the other. Therefore, some weeks will pass until the last bridge is completed.

Client. Massivbau

Services. Detailed structural design (structural analysis, formwork, reinforcement) incl. rescheduling to the ILM method


Project of the Month . March 2021

Wind Park Gaweinstal & Wind Park Parndorf

The wind park Gaweinstal consists of a total of 3 wind turbines of the type Vestas V112 with a hub height of 140 m and a performance of 3.3MW per wind turbine. Now the existing wind turbines shall be replaced with plants with a higher performance. The new plants of the type Nordex N163 have a hub height of 164m and a performance of 5.7MW per wind turbine.

Due to the considerably increased performance the EIA authority demanded a sonic study in which on the one hand the sonic impacts of this change had to be demonstrated with regard to the direct neighbours, on the other hand the concerned region is already at a disadvantage due to sonic exposure by the surrounding wind parks (WP Schrick I & II, WP Paasdorf-Lanzendorf WP Kettlasbrunn I & II, WP Höbersbrunn, WP Gugelberg). Apart from the sonic study regarding audible sound (20 to 20000 Hz) the coactive infrasound input had to be also analysed for the first time. Infrasound is defined as acoustic waves with frequencies lower than 20 Hz and thus below the threshold of audibility of human-beings.

The wind park Parndorf shall be approved in the course of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) change procedure for higher-performance plants. The location of the plants shall be also slightly changed.

In this process the predicted immissions by the planned wind park project Parndorf were assessed and inspected at all the immission points analysed considering the change of the plants and the wind situation.

Client WP Gaweinstal. ÖKO Wind Erneuerbare Energieerzeugungs-GmbH

Client WP Parndorf. oekostrom Produktions GmbH

Services VCE. Sonic prediction calculations, immission prediction infrasound, assessment, survey


Projekt des Monats . February 2021

A13 Sill Bridge

Big rocks are thrown from a bridge over the Sill river – what is behind all this?

> VIDEO of the 3 drops

The motorway bridge of A13 over the Sill river in direction of Innsbruck, shall be removed and replaced with a new structure. The scenario to be checked is that the deck slab and the pillars are conventionally removed and the remaining hollow arch is blasted.

The vibrations through the detonation itself have already been determined by in an experiment and are not subject of the present study. What has to be analysed is the following collapse of the arch, its impact on the valley bottom as well as on the slopes and the resulting vibrations of the neighbouring bridge objects, the A14 bridge in direction of Brenner as well as the Sonnenburg railway bridge of the ÖBB.

An experimental approach was chosen in which three defined falling weights (boulders of approx. 5t) were thrown from the A13 bridge in direction of Brenner in such a way that they hit the valley bottom and produce a defined vibration with their known kinetic energy. The aim was to perform an impact both on the bare rock and on the gravel bank (orthographically the left, northern bank).

The punctiform vibrations at the two concerned bridges and the pylon were documented by measurements and the local dissemination characteristic along the orthographically right river bank was determined in the course of the experiment.

On the basis of these measurement data, dissemination laws, energy relations and transfer functions the measured vibration signals of the punctiform impact of the falling weight were assembled to a linear excitation with the expected impacts according to the blasting concept (concrete parts of max. 8m³, approx. 9.2t) with their energy (total mass of 1470t, falling height of max. 65m) and the expected timing (in accordance with the arch and valley geometry) and their effect on the bridges to be inspected was determined. In order to be able to assess the spectrum, several impact conditions (rock, gravel, inclination) as well as the assumptions were varied.


Service. Concept, test planning and execution, forecasting, survey


Project of the Month . January 2021

U5 Berlin in the Final Spurt

The opening of the two railway stations "Rotes Rathaus" and "Unter den Linden" of the U5 Berlin took place in December 2020. The new railway station "Museumsinsel" is expected to be opened in August 2021.

The project “Gap Closure U5“ from Alexanderplatz to Brandenburger Tor extends the previous U5 underground railway line and merges it with the already completed U55. Apart from 2.2 km of newly built tunnel route also the three new railway stations “Unter den Linden“, “Museumsinsel“ and “Rotes Rathaus“ are established in the centre of Berlin.

In the underground railway station “Rotes Rathaus“ seven centrally arranged columns carry a main part of the floor load. The column heads look like mushrooms with their funnel shape and shall be reminiscent of the old vault of the medieval town hall.

The tunnel section was driven by shield tunnelling method with two single-track tunnel tubes and connects to the existing line at the railway station Brandenburger Tor.

Client. BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

Services in consortium with artus Architekten and Schüsslerplan. project control, site management, site supervision of the preliminary building works, extension, cable routeing


Project of the Month . December 2020

MQ Libelle

At the beginning of September the MQ Libelle, a modern pavilion for use as a culture and event site, was opened on the roof of the Leopold Museum, which is part of the Museum Quarter in Vienna’s city centre.

Thanks to the transparent facade design and the ample roof terrace areas the guests will be offered an impressive view on Vienna’s city centre.

MQ Libelle was designed by the architects Laurids and Manfred Ortner, who have realized the area of the Museum Quarter area in its current form. Artistic interventions: installation pools of light by Brigitte Kowanz and facade design of the pavilion by Eva Schlegel.

Client. Museumsquartier Errichtungs- und Betriebsges.m.b.H.

Services. Design-build, tender procedure, construction coordination, site supervision, check engineering according to Vienna’s building code, building dynamics & vibration protection


Project of the Month . November 2020

Everything new in Rudolfinerhaus!

After a multi-stage renovation the project "Adaptation and Extension of Rudolfinerhaus" was completed in autumn 2020. Five new wards were put into operation in the private hospital in Vienna-Döbling with a total of 80 patient-friendly single rooms with sunny loggias and terraces. The clinic also opened the new Wilczek Pavilion and the Rudolfinerhaus Campus for health and nursing education.

In the first construction stage (February 2018 - March 2019) the Billroth Pavilion was heightened and rehabilitated and in this connection 37 new patient rooms were erected.

The second construction stage with a construction period of 15 months (July2019 - September 2020) comprised the redesign of the forecourt and the entrance area of the Rudolfinerhaus private hospital. A generous and barrier-free access to the building for picking up and dropping off patients was created and the subterranean garage was linked to the building by erecting porches. The entrance and foyer area was modernized and reconstructed to an attractive area thanks to a new light-flooded design. Parallel to the construction measures on the forecourt the partial demolition of the Wilczek Pavilion and the new erection of the pavilion with southern side patient rooms as well as the extension of the attic for the teaching programme on the Campus started at the beginning of July 2019.

Client. Rudolfiner-Verein Rotes Kreuz

Services. Site supervision, health and safety engineering, electrical and HVACR design



Dear project partners,

We were delighted when our offices began to be filled with life again in early summer and quite a normal daily routine could take place. Now Austria is struck by a second Covid19 wave and therefore VCE has taken respective measures for the safety of our employees, clients and business partners.

In particular we have reorganized ourselves to telework to a considerable extent again. We provide limits for the number of participants in meetings in our office and the travelling activities of our employees have been reduced to the absolutely required minimum. Thus, we kindly ask you for coordination with the respective contact person at VCE before participating in meetings.

Furthermore, we kindly ask you to keep using technical means like video and phone conferences etc. if possible. Personal contacts shall remain restricted to an absolutely required minimum. Consequently we make a valuable contribution in our joint fight against the Corona virus and protect you and us.

Despite all constraints and difficulties we have managed so far to serve our clients and business partners in the best possible way. We are anxious to keep supporting you excellently and to perform our services completely, with high quality and on schedule.

We thank you for your understanding and the trust you have shown us in this challenging situation up to now.

We wish you and your families above all health and that we can cope with these challenging times together.

The management


Austrian Award for Digitization & Digital Impulse Award 2020

StrucInspect . digital Inspection of Structures

After the “Austrian Consulting Award – Engineering Consulting 2019” the “Austrian Award for Digitization 2020” also goes to STRUCINSPECT. In parallel the company received the “Digital Impulse Award 2020” of the Austrian daily “Die Presse” and Drei Business. The managing directors of STRUCINSPECT, Peter Furtner and Albrecht Karlusch, accepted the awards.

STRUCINSPECT enables an easy and cost-efficient inspection of critical infrastructure by means of digital 3D twins. At the same time checking quality and documentation are increased.

The digital solution for the inspection of bridges and building structures developed in the Corporate Incubator P21st is a joint venture of the consortium partners PALFINGER, VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH and ANGST GROUP consolidated in the joint venture “PALFINGER Structural Inspection (PSI)”.


Project of the Month . October 2020

Shared Zone Neubaugasse

The 700 m long section of Neubaugasse between Mariahilfer Strasse and Burggasse was converted into a shared zone and opened on 3 September 2020.

In this new shared zone the bus line 13A as well as the bicycle traffic is possible in both directions. Thus, the stops were also newly designed. Green areas – partly also with trees – as well as seating , pavement cafés, trellises, bike parking areas and loading zones were established on both sides of the driving surface. Parking spaces are no longer provided.

The objective of the newly designed shared zone Neubaugasse is to increase the quality of stay and therefore to considerably promote Neubaugasse as a shopping street. Above all the integrated green elements shall bring about an essential improvement of the urban climate. This new green “backbone” will create a haven of tranquility during the coming extension of the underground railway in the district. After the construction works this quality shall also be implemented in the neighbouring road sections.

The second section between Burggasse and Lerchenfelder Strasse is planned for 2021.

Client. Wiener Linien / MA 28

Planning of free spaces. DnD Landschaftsplanung ZT KG

Project services. Traffic design, technical surface design, information of citizens


Project of the Month . September 2020

Generalsanierung Volkstheater

Volkstheater has been considerably renovated since summer 2019. Essential objectives are an improvement of the operation and an increased comfort for the audience.

The improvement of the operation can be reached by two measures: on the one hand, by rehabilitation and modernization of the stage area with new stage and lighting technology as well as by the establishment of a side stage and on the other hand by creation of new useable space by extension of the present stage area as well as the extension of the existing ticket area to a coffee shop.

Increased comfort for the audience is implemented on the one hand by a complete refurbishment of the auditorium including the installation of a new air-conditioning system and on the other hand by the renewal of the lounges, cloakrooms and sanitary rooms. The façade is rehabilitated as exterior sign of renewal.

In summer 2019 the restoration of the outer shell (façade, roof and windows) started without interrupting continuous operation. At the beginning of January 2020, the theatre was closed for the currently ongoing main construction phase. The completion is already planned for 30 October 2020.

Client. Volkstheater GmbH

Services. project control, static and structural design, tender/cost estimation, building physics, fire protection design, check engineering


Project of the Month . August 2020

Competence Centre Health Care and Prevention Sitzenberg

An institution for health prevention is erected in Sitzenberg-Reidling near the Renaissance castle Sitzenberg. The centre for prevention and preventative health care accommodates 120 single rooms for patients as well as training and seminar rooms and an indoor swimming pool with wellness and spa-area. The structural work is almost completed. During these days the shelter for the approx. 14-meter cantilevered guest wing is being dismantled.

From the beginning of the project there was close cooperation with the planning partners with a central 3D model. It serves as digital basis for communication and discussion. The geometry of the building is directly imported from the model into the calculation software for structural analysis and building physics. Furthermore, the construction plans are based on it.

Client. Versicherungsanstalt öffentlich Bediensteter

Services in joint venture with F+P. general consultant, structural design, tender, health & safety engineering, measurement, building physics, architecture


Project of the Month . July 2020

2nd Core Route Munich – VE10 Oberirdisch West (Overground West)

Munich’s urban railway daily transports up to 840,000 passengers and covers a distance of more than 20 million km per year. Thus, it is one of the biggest urban railway systems in Germany. The core route opened on the occasion of the Olympic Games in 1972 has reached its capacity limits. In order to eliminate this bottleneck, a second core route is built on approx. 10 km between the railway stations Laim in the west and Leuchtenbergring in the east. The building project is subdivided into overground and underground contract sections.

In the section “VE10 - Oberirdisch West“ (overground west) a multitude of civil engineering structures (tunnels, retaining walls, bridges, railway station buildings) are erected as well as track and underground cabling works are carried out under full operation over approx. 2.2 km from the western head of the railway station Laim up to the new western tunnel portal.

Currently retaining walls are being erected at several positions, the foundations of the flying junctions (bridge structures) are being established as well as the first blocks of the tunnel below more than 25 existing tracks as well as the first sections of the new railway station buildings are being concreted.

Client. ARGE VE 10

Owner. DB Netze (DB Netz AG, DB Station & Service AG, DB Energie GmbH)

Services. Detailed design and as-built design of track layout and civil engineering structures


EESD Save-the-Date

VCE and ÖIAV (Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects) host the Symposium "Modern Earthquake Engineering".

WHEN. Thursday, November 19, 2020
DURATION. 12:30 – 6:00 p.m.
WHERE. Haus der Technik, Palais Eschenbach, Eschenbachgasse 9, 1010 Vienna

Save the date and register for free at


Project of the month . June 2020

"Teleworking" . IT in top form

At the beginning of March the private and professional lives were almost instantaneously interrupted – an unimaginable event which has triggered a state of emergency for us all, predominantly, however, for our IT department. Within only few hours the whole company had to be adapted to teleworking.

FCP was already well prepared by an “FCP Home-Office Pilot” in a smaller scope. Increasing digitization, continuous implementation of BIM and the demand to work mobile and with international teams has already laid the basis. The scope and the tight time frame were not foreseeable.


Interview with IT on the Conversion to “Teleworking” during the Lockdown in the Corona Crisis:

It is a personal concern of managing director Christian Nüssel to highlight the top performance of the IT department and he says, “We were all surprised by the extent and the speed of the events but our IT department has shown that they are the red thread in virtual solidarity.” He interviewed the department and asked them two questions:


What was the greatest challenge for me?

“To find solutions at short notice which fit our concept regarding strategic and financial considerations also in the long term.”   Georg Fritsch

“Prioritizing in a very volatile situation.”   Max Podany

“The failure of the network switch on the 2nd floor as I knew that this hindered a big number of colleagues in working via remote desktop.”   Thomas Schmid

“To enable persons who have no internet/no computer/no notebook at home to work online.”   Andrew Searle

“To install Revit over the Internet.”   Mario Sturm


What has pleased me most?

“That I succeeded after several failures and the system could also be applied to other applications.”   Mario Sturm

“That we received very positive feedback from many sides.”   Thomas Schmid

“I was able to accomplish all configuration works in home office without problems and did not “destroy” anything in such a way that manual intervention in the office was required.”   Georg Fritsch

“That many people helped each other with the establishment of teleworking.”   Max Podany

“To talk to colleagues I have never talked to before.”   Andrew Searle


Project of the month . May 2020

Nursing Home Wiener Neustadt

At the already existing site of a home in Wiener Neustadt the Institute Haus der Barmherzigkeit establishes a new modern, completely barrier-free nursing home with nine residential groups. The new nursing home will have 162 beds, a canteen kitchen and a café as well as a kindergarten with four groups and garden areas.

Furthermore, places for assisted living and subsidized flats shall be created on this area of approx. 18,300 m².

The new nursing home is constructed during uninterrupted operation of the existing home and is carried out in several construction phases. The current works of construction phase 1 comprise the extension works, works at the building shell as well as installation works of the HVACR subsections.

Client. Institut Haus der Barmherzigkeit

Services. Competition management, project control, measurement of ambient noise


Project of the month . April 2020

Bypass Wieselburg

In Wieselburg currently the whole traffic of the B 25 road runs right through the town centre. The new bypass shall relieve the town regarding through traffic and increase the quality of life for the residents as well as the security needs of the road users in the town centre of Wieselburg in future. The traffic relieve thanks to the new bypass amounts to up to 50%. A further declared target is the provision of high-quality infrastructure for the economic development in the northern “Mostviertel”.

The bypass of Wieselburg branches off at the existing B 25 road at Holzinger Berg at km 7.0 ab and joins B25 again south of Wieselburg in Mühling at km 13.6. The new route of B 25 thus bypasses Wieselburg in the north and the east.

Service. Static and structural design, traffic design


POSTPONED: Symposium Earthquake Engineering

The Symposium Earthquake Engineering will be postponed to satisfy governmental restrictions concerning COVID-19. However, we are glad that more than 80 participants already registered, and we are locking forward to welcome you to the Symposium at VCE head quarters at another date.

Stay tuned for information of alternative dates!


Project of the month . March 2020

Life Cycle Management Analysis of the entire bridge network of the Federal Austrian Railways ÖBB

The subject of the presented investigation was the application of an integrated LCM Model (Life Cycle Management) developed in close collaboration with ÖBB for the entire bridge network from the Austrian Federal Railways analysing different maintenance strategies.

Concent. The objective of the investigation was a short-, mid- and long-term LCM prognosis of the heavy maintenance and replacement demand for the entire bridge network of the Federal Austrian Railways. The model was applied to a provided dataset of approx. 10.000 bridges analysing different forecast periods (12, 50 and 120 years).

The results were used to derive the upcoming budget demand.

Client. ÖBB Infrastruktur AG


Symposium Earthquake Engineering

Interested in novel earthquake engineering?

Check out VCE’s Symposium to boost the “safe application of modern methods in earthquake engineering”.

WHEN . Thursday, March 26, 2020

WHERE . Headquarter FCP.VCE, Entrance Level, Marxergasse 1 B, 1030 Vienna



Project of the month . February 2020

Postgasse 8

Currently the preliminary building works in the courtyards have been almost completed in the project Postgasse and the attic conversion has started.

The existing building of Postgasse is revitalized by Denkmalneu Gruppe and will be called “PLH – Post lebendiges Haus” (living house). The object has various types of use from hotel to flats, offices and an extensive fitness centre. A central element of the building is Dominikanerhof with approx. 1200 m², which not only comprises a 5-storey subterranean garage but shall also serve as room for events later. For this purpose the courtyard will be additionally roofed by a convertible membrane roof as weather protection.

The erection of a subterranean central cooling system in Barbarahof by Vienna’s energy supplier Wien Energie is a great challenge. The system will be supplied by water from the Danube Channel and shall provide district cooling to several large-scale projects in Vienna‘s first district. Due to the noise and vibration-intensive cooling units, the whole courtyard was decoupled by Sylomer and the machines themselves were embedded on mass-spring systems. Apart from numerical models for the assessment of secondary noise, measurements on the building site are also used.

The BIM project was completely modelled in 3D. Some field tests were performed by means of HoloLens for early detection of collisions between the wooden truss to be preserved and the new steel elements.

Client. Postgasse 8 Entwicklungs OG

Services. engineering report, static and structural design, notification of completion, check engineer according to the Viennese building code


Project of the month . January 2019

Turkmen Awtoban

The section of this project runs from Ashgabad to Turkmenabat – up to the border of Uzbekistan. The total length is approx. 600 km and comprises a 2 x 3 - lane motorway with dozens of underpasses, bridges, railway crossings and intersections enabling a signal-free passage between Ashgabat and Turkmenabat.

VCE is involved as Quality Control Engineer (QCE) to ensure construction of the motorway according to international standards. The status of the project is in the first 220 km from Ashgabat to Tejen with earthwork, laying of the geotextile as well as the beginning of the works in the further kilometres of the motorway. Furthermore, the first foundations for the buildings like toll stations, service areas and maintenance buildings as well as for the bridge elements are laid. Our client CJSC Closed Joint Stock Company "Turkmen Awtoban” is supported by our excellent experts on site in Ashgabat and from Vienna.

Client . CJSC Closed Joint Stock Company "Turkmen Awtoban”

Service of VCE . Quality Control Engineer (QCE)


Project of the month . December 2019

Shared Zone Rotenturmstraße

On 14 November2019 at 2 p.m. the newly designed Rotenturmstraße was opened according to plan.

We prepared the detailed road project together with the architectural office Katzberger.

The new Rotenturmstraße is decreed as a shared zone and has no parking spaces anymore. Sixteen new trees were planted, two fountains and benches were set up, pavement cafes were newly arranged and lighting was renewed for improved quality of sojourn. Furthermore the existing bus stops were included into the project and the available loading zones were integrated.

The walking surfaces were considerably widened for the 30,000 pedestrians per day. The traffic organization remained as it was, only between Schwedenplatz and Lugeck cycling against the one-way street was newly decreed.

The diagonal between the State Opera and Schwedenplatz – via the new Stephansplatz – was completed by means of the new Rotenturmstraße. Thus, a continuously barrier-free, high-quality and urban connecting axis was created in the heart of Vienna.


Project of the month . November 2019

Opening of the Paracelsus Spa + Health Resort Salzburg

After a construction period of more than two years the new Paracelsus spa + health resort was inaugurated on Friday, 11 October 2019.

The Paracelsus spa + health resort is located directly in the heart of Salzburg and near the world-famous Mirabell garden and offers outstanding architecture, state-of-the-art equipment and a breath-taking view of the historic centre of Salzburg. The distinctive building with the completely glazed bathing world on the third floor is quasi a visionary project and an oasis for recreation.

Tender. Architekturbüro Berger+Parkkinen

Service. Tender


Project of the month . October 2019

Sancho el Mayor Cable-Stayed Bridge, Navarra, Spain

BRIMOS® Stay Cable Measurements

Sancho el Mayor is a 260 metre long cable-stayed bridge with 140 stay cables in the course of the AP15 motorway in the north of Spain.

The condition of the stay cables as well as the cable forces were already measured and analysed with BRIMOS® in 2002. In the summer of 2019 a detailed follow-up measurement and analysis were performed for condition assessment and an evaluation of all stay cables.

Client. Autopistas de Navarra. S.A.


Project of the month . August 2019

Bridge Completion for the New Bypass of the Voest Bridge

In June the so far greatest technical challenge regarding the construction of the new additional bridges for the Voest Bridge was successfully completed.

For this purpose, four large-size construction components with up to 92 m length and 1,400 tons weight were floated in or transported in and the bridge parts were lifted or hoisted to the already mounted bridge parts. The assembly of the pylon and the installation of the cables will be performed in August. The second bridge completion shall take place by the end of 2019 and in mid-2020 the Voest Bridge extended to eight lanes shall be approved.

Services were the check engineering of detailed structural design, shop drawings and assembly design for these objects. Furthermore four prestressed concrete bridges, three reinforced concrete bridges, two cycle bridges and a bridge extension as well as a multitude of small objects like abutments, underpasses, water protection plants and temporary construction pit systems as well as the respective supporting structures for construction were checked within the scope of this project. The erection of these objects is already in good progress.


Service. check engineering


Project of the month . June 2019

Lower Austrian Gallery

On 25 May 2019 a new museum, the Lower Austrian gallery was opened. The new gallery becomes the centre of the art district in Krems ranging from the exhibition buildings Kunsthalle Krems, Karikaturmuseum Krems and Forum Frohner from Minoritenplatz in Stein over Museumsplatz up to the Dominikanerkirche in Krems.

The new gallery with its 3,000 m² of exhibition area comprises the art collection of the province of Lower Austria with approx. 60,000 objects on four levels and is connected with the Kunsthalle Krems via the presentation area on the basement floor. The outer panelling by means of zinc rhombuses guarantees an additional remarkable setting of the building. The otherwise windowless cladding is only opened in the attic by a viewing platform.

VCE was assigned with the services of technical and financial control. The project was handled considering BVergG 2006 (Austrian public procurement law), the project was awarded to individual trades.


Client . Government of Lower Austria
Architect . Marte.Marte Architekten
Service . Technical and financial control

VIDEO . Lower Austrian gallery




The annual BIM event at FCP.VCE is just 14 days away.

Please register now if you do not want to miss this event on the development of BIM and its utilization in construction work.

WHEN .Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 01:00 to 06:00 p.m.


PDF . Einladung + Programm


Project of the month . May 2019

Foundation Stone Ceremony for the New Nursing Home

On 4 April the foundation stone ceremony took place for the new Traude Dierdorf nursing home in Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria).

In the following three years the Haus der Barmherzigkeit erects a new modern, completely barrier-free nursing home with nine assisted living groups at the existing site.

Furthermore, a kindergarten with four groups, a cafeteria, a chapel as well as a big garden area are established on the 18,000 m² big plot.

Photo from left to right: Jakob Dunkel (querkraft), Christoph Gisinger (HB), Mayor Klaus Schneeberger, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Provost Karl Pichelbauer, Member of the provincial government Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister, Florian Pressl, Lukas Pohl (both HB)


Client . Institut Haus der Barmherzigkeit
Architect . querkraft
Services . Tender, project control, ambient noise measurement



BIM at FCP.VCE – Save the Date

4th June 2019

You are cordially invited to attend our 7th annual BIM event.

This year the event focuses on the implementation of BIM on the building site.

WHEN . Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 01:00 to 06:00 p.m.

Further information and a detailed programme will follow.
Should you wish to attend, please register your interest with Viktoria Linsbauer:

PDF . Save-the-Date


Project of the month . April 2019

Building Safety Inspections

We were able to extend our competence as engineering consultants with the framework contract “building safety inspections in Lower Austria“. The process of a building condition assessment including cost and risk estimate was developed for this project.

Within the scope of this project the facades and public staircases of more than 60 public buildings in Lower Austria were annually analysed and assessed.

Building safety inspection, assessment and action planning was completed for 2018. Further inspections and monitoring of actions and costs were commissioned for an additional period of 8 years.

Client . Lower Austrian government
Services . Structural assessment


Project of the month . March 2019

Arrival Center Schönbrunn

The area between Schlossbrücke and Grünbergstrasse is the last part of the area in front of the Schönbrunn castle to be modernized.

A new coach and car parking area is being established between the underground railway and the Wien river on the one side and the Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse on the other. In addition the access from the underground railway exit to the castle is newly structured and a new arrival building is designed.

The existing parking spaces for coaches in front of the castle are relocated to the new coach parking area and therefore an undisturbed view on the castle building is enabled. A new car park is established on the existing parking area. The new coach parking area will have 48 parking spaces for coaches and the car park will accommodate 230 parking spaces.

By means of attractive green design – including approx. 300 new trees – and state-of-the-art lighting a parking area corresponding to the requirements of a World Heritage site is created.

The total costs are fully borne by the operating company of Schönbrunn.

Completion of the 1st construction phase “coach parking area” is planned by September 2019 and the completion of the “car park” by March 2020.

Client . Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H

Services . detailed structural project – technical surface and traffic design, tender, project management and site supervision


Project of the month . February 2019

Braking Work Analysis for a Buffer Stop

Civil engineering verification for the performed braking work of a buffer stop without headstock

Weichenwerke Wörth GmbH has developed a new buffer stop. A civil engineering verification of the braking work was the basis for the approval by a public utility.

VCE was assigned with the performance of the required measurements, the evaluation and the preparation of the civil engineering verification as well as the programming of a calculation tool.

The tests were performed on a storage track and were classified into the following steps:

  • Impact with 2 ballast waggons 108 t with different speeds
  • Impact with 3 ballast waggons 146.58 t with different speeds
  • Impact with 17 ballast waggons 753.98 t with different speeds

Client . Weichenwerke Wörth GmbH

Service . Measurement and instrumentation, evaluation, civil engineering verification




Lecture . Structural Monitoring and Evaluation by European Smart Sensor Technology (BRIMOS®)
Speaker . Mr. Martin Fritz, VCE
Date . 31. January 2019
Venue . Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

In the course of the seminar the bridge inspection of RAMA VI Bridge (Railway Bridge in Bangkok) using BRIMOS® technology and the results will be presented.


Project of the month . January 2019

Austria Campus

Austria Campus is a business site with a total area of 200,000 m² consisting of all in all six office blocks. The Campus is part of the Nordbahn quarter created on the area of the former northern railway station and one of the biggest structural engineering projects currently realized in Europe.

VCE first carried out a TDD (Technical Due Diligence) in the course of trans­action for the construction sites 5, 8 and 6 and subsequently the building project was supported in the scope of a construction monitoring order. After the conclusion of monitoring, VCE has still been involved in technical consulting.

The construction sites 5 and 8 have already been completed and Bank Austria has moved in. The construction site BF6.1 was also completed and put into operation by the hotel operator “rooms”. The construction sites BF6.2 and BF6.3 are currently in the completion phase.

Client . AOC Immobilien

Services . TDD and construction monitoring


Project of the month . December 2018

Take a break and join us on our journey to the North Pole!

At VCE challenges of various levels of engineering tasks are on the daily agenda. But deep down VCE is also a home for creative minds. In the course of a “Santa’s Workshop” BIM competition they let their imagination run wild.

Join us on a short tour: Video Santas Workshop


Project of the month . November 2018

ÖAMTC Mobility Centre

European Concrete Award 2018 for the ÖAMTC Mobility Centre!

Representatives of the owners, architects, structural engineers and contractors of the submitted projects came to Helsinki to receive the award.

In the category “Building” the EUROPEAN CONCRETE AWARD 2018 went to the project “ÖAMTC Mobility Centre”, Vienna, Austria. The load-bearing structure of the building has a number of specific features rarely encountered in such a density or combined in such a way. In addition to these facts the whole project team worked with BIM.

LINK . more about the project

LINK . öbv article


Completion of School Centre “Spielmanngasse”

On Tuesday, 2 October 2018 the new school centre “Spielmanngasse” was officially opened in Vienna’s 20th district (Brigittenau) in the area Dietmayrgasse-Spielmanngasse. Two existing elementary schools were extended and additionally a new secondary modern school was constructed.  

In total 20 new classes for elementary school and secondary modern school were established. Thus, the existing sites were extended by 9,100 m² of gross floor area.  

Client .Vienna municipal authorities (MA 56) represented by WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH

Services in consortium with CPPA & Fellerer Vendl . Design-build, static and structural design, health and safety engineering, site supervision, building physics, check engineering according to Vienna’s building code, building records, cost control and tender


Project of the month . October 2018

Loading Requirements for Track Systems

Which load pattern do you use for track design? In rail track engineering it is common to apply load models developed for design and assessment of bridges as an approximation of loading regimes for rail tracks. VCE’s client questions the traditional approach and is interested in developing realistic load models for track designers.


Multi-body dynamic simulations have been performed to model the dynamic interaction of the coupled vehicle-track-soil domain. Comparison of numerical response quantities with readily available data extracted from measurements of the project VDE 8.2 reveals the superior quality of the novel methodology.

VCE proposes a novel load model consisting of both a realistic load pattern and spectra of dynamic amplification factors. This study contributes to the existing body of modifications to the next generation of modern track design codes. Theory, findings and possible applications will be published on the client’s website in the first quarter of 2019.

Client . RSSB – Rail Safety and Standards Board, U.K.

Service . Development of a Methodology to Determine Loading Regimes for Track Designers


Practice Day Building Information Modeling

Wolf-Dietrich Denk and Frank Mettendorff presented their experience with BIM by means of two project examples – Hotel Motto and Pilgramgasse U2/U4 – at the practice day Building Information Modeling by Austrian Standards on 26 September 2018.

The next presentation takes place in the Building Academy in Steyregg, Upper Austria, on 11 October 2018.

LINK . Praxistag Austrian Standards

, ,

InnoTrans 2018

VCE was at the InnoTrans 2018 fair in Berlin – a look into the future of mobility was taken, new contacts were established and old contacts were fostered.


Company Outing of FCP.VCE

The company outing of FCP.VCE with a visit to the steel world and the museum of contemporary history of voestalpine in Linz took place on 14 September 2018.

Excursion VCE Bucharest

On Friday, 14 September 2018, the staff members of VCE Bucharest visited the Orhideea Tower in Bucharest in the scope of an office excursion. VCE Romania has worked as designer and consultant for Porr since the beginning of the project and will be entrusted with as-built documentation up to the completion of the project.

Investment and Partnership Forum "Turkmenistan – Heart of the Great Silk Road"

The Investment and Partnership Forum "Turkmenistan – Heart of the Great Silk Road" was held in Vienna on September 5-6, 2018.  On this occasion VCE signed a contract on the further cooperation in the infrastructure area with Turkmenian investors. We are looking forward to the cooperation!


Project of the month . September 2018

Spielmanngasse – School for 6 to 14-Year-Olds

The project consists of the new construction of a new secondary school and the annex to an already existing elementary school.

The new school for 10-14-year-olds is designed as compact structure with five floors. Two gymnasiums are joined on the back side in an independent building part. The project additionally offers a sequence of open spaces suitable for pupils and instruction due to the placement of the structures. 

The structure of the elementary school annex is compactly connected to the existing structures with three floors and complements the available space with the required educational and secondary rooms.

Operation in the new classes will start with the beginning of the school year 2018/19.

Client . Vienna Municipal Authorities MA 56 represented by WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH

Services in consortium with CPPA & Fellerer Vendl . Design-build, static and structural design,  health & safety engineering, site supervision, building physics, check engineering according to the Viennese building code, safety building book, cost control and tender

, ,

Lusail Marine Bridge, Qatar

Ongoing Loadtest on Lusail Marina Bridge No.8 in Katar - VCE Permanent Structural Health Monitoring system is working perfectly!


Project of the month . August 2018

New Construction Josefhof

The healthcare facility Josefhof, located on the outskirts of Graz, is the competence centre for in-patient health promotion and prevention of the VAEB (insurance institution for railways and mining). The facility is currently being extended from 70 to 120 beds. The new building consists of three elongated terrace-shaped structures comprising 120 barrier-free rooms as well as guest rooms offering a variety of functions including a outpatient clinic with examination and treatment area, seminar and fitness rooms, indoor swimming pool and sauna area, canteen with an open-view kitchen, dining hall as well as the required administrative and technical areas. The building has been partially constructed in a modular timber design.

Current works include a timber slatted façade, various floor coverings such as tiles, terrazzo tiles and wood flooring as well as a outdoor area with a pond.

Auftraggeber . VAEB Insurance institution for railways and mining

Leistung . Project management in Joint Venture with Ritter

LINK . construction progress on


Project of the month . July 2018

East Anglia One Offshore Windfarm

With a total output of 714 MW, the world's most efficient offshore windfarm will be built off the east coast of the UK. The windfarm consists of 102 7MW turbines and an offshore transformer station built on jackets at a water depth of 37 meters.

VCE was commissioned with the planning, installation and commissioning of a metrological condition monitoring system for nine turbines and the transformer station. This includes the installation of numerous sensors in the jackets (foundations), the towers of the turbines and the offshore station, including associated measurement technology, remote data transmission, automated data analysis and web user interface.

Client . East Anglia One Limited (IBERDROLA & Scottish Power Renewables)

Services . permanent Structural Health Monitoring


Project of the month . June 2018

Life Ball 2018

On 2 June 2018 the Life Ball celebrated its 25th anniversary under the motto “Sound of Music”.

VCE supported the initiative with the free-of-charge service of design and building site coordination according to the building site coordination law for the “event site” Life Ball 2018 in the area of Rathausplatz and in the event rooms of the city hall.

Client: Life+ association for direct support of HIV-positive persons and persons down with AIDS

Service: Health and safety engineering

LINK . Life Ball


Halo I BIMS!

We kindly invite you to our annual BIM event under the slogan "Halo I BIMS!" on 13 June 2018 in Kuppelsaal of the Vienna University of Technology.

We would like to show you the latest developments and future trends of digital design in selected expert presentations.

Please register by e-mail to by 6 June 2018.

> PDF . Invitation "Halo I BIMS!"


VCE Innovation Prize 2017

On 9 May 2018 the VCE Innovation Prize was awarded for excellent research in civil engineering 2017 at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in the scope of an academic ceremony.

The prize winner 2017 are:

Dr. Regina della Pietra . Dissertation: "Integralisierung von Bestandsbrücken", (Integralization of existing bridges), Graz Technical University

Dr. Andreas Pürgstaller . Dissertation: "Seismic performance of post-installed fasteners in concrete with supplement damping device at Structure-Fastener-Non-structural-(SFN)-level", BOKU


IABSE Conference Kuala Lumpur 2018

Günther Achs (VCE) attended the IABSE Conference Kuala Lumpur 2018 with his paper on"Innovative Ballast-less Track System for Urban Areas".



Project of the month . May 2018

Postgasse 8

The former post office building was erected in the course of the last 2-3 centuries and was repeatedly reconstructed and extended. The building is situated between Postgasse and Dominikanerbastei, under which the former Viennese city wall was located.

Apart from the establishment of a hotel and flats in the existing structure the attic shall be converted. In this process the existing roof structure shall be maintained and an underground car park shall be built in Dominikanerhof. Furthermore respective installations are established in all courtyards. Due to the complex design the project is processed with BIM by VCE.

The demolition of non-load-bearing walls and superstructures is currently completed. The project is already approved and we are at the beginning of the detailed design phase.

more information . BIM and Postgasse


Construction Congress 2018

The Construction Congress 2018 is over and the FCP.VCE stand was a well visited meeting point of business partners and clients, students and pupils. A special highlight of our stand was the introduction of our project Future Art Lab by means of virtual reality glasses under the motto “Experience BIM with FCP.VCE”.

The expert presentation by Ernst Forstner “Quality Control Engineering (QCE) – Quality Assurance as Engineering Service in the Middle East“ within the session “Planen & Bauen – International“ (Design & construction – international) demonstrated our know-how once more and excellently completed the total performance at this year’s construction congress. 


Project of the month . April 2018

Extension of Secondary School and New Construction of Elementary School Carlbergergasse

There are 12 classes of an open secondary modern school in Carlbergergasse 72 in 1230 Vienna, which was built in 1999. An annex to the existing school building will be realized for the creation of additional rooms. The annex comprises the new construction of 9 elementary school classes with all-day care including side rooms and an underground gym hall as well as the extension of the existing secondary modern school by 4 classes including side rooms. The open areas of the school are appropriately designed for pupils and instruction.

The annex is situated on the available hard court so that it can be connected to the existing building on two sides.

The project is in the basic design stage at the moment. Construction start is planned on 15 October 2018. Operation of the newly erected school building shall start in August 2019.

Client: Vienna municipal authorities MA 56 represented by WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH

Services as subcontractor for Klammer * Zeleny Architekten ZT GmbH: Design-build, static and structural design, tender / cost estimation, building physics, site supervision, health & safety engineering, check engineering


Project of the month . March 2018

Lusail Marine Bridge, Qatar

Structural Health Monitoring System & Load Testing . Two suspension bridges with O-shaped pylon are erected in the scope of the “Lusail Development Project”. The lengths of the two bridges amount to 204 and 186 metres. Both structures have six lanes each.

Problems arose in the course of erection, construction was stopped and the structures were partly demolished again. After redesign by the designer VCE was ordered to design, install and operate a permanent monitoring system with numerous sensors on the structure for the construction phase of one of the bridges. The objective is measurement and monitoring of the structural behaviour during construction and the examination of the planning assumptions. The services also include the measurement and instrumentation of a terminal static load test.



15 March 2018, Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna

In the scope of the BIM-Symposium on 15 March 2018 in Schönbrunn Castle top-class speakers will assemble on the topic Building Information Modeling already for the third time.

FCP.VCE, as one of the leading companies in the application of BIM technology in Austria, will hold three presentations at the symposium.


BIM.FCP.VCE – Praxisbeispiele und Entwicklungsstufen (BIM.FCP.VCE – Practical Examples and Stages of Development), Christian Nüssel
BIM im Altbau: Wir lieben die Herausforderung?! (BIM in Old Buildings: We Love Challenges?!), Markus Riel & Frank Mettendorff
BIM im Brückenbau / Infrastrukturbereich (BIM in Bridge Construction / Infrastructure), René Holzer


21.02.2018 TU Vienna Develops Bridge without Expansion Joints

A maintenance-free roadway transition structure was developed at Vienna’s University of Technology (TU) for the pilot project A5.24 Satzengraben Bridge.

Despite a structural length of 120 m the road surface can be established over the integral structure without interruption.

The services of VCE comprised tender and detailed design, measurement and instrumentation as well as monitoring of the object.


VIDEO . youtube TU Wien


Project of the Month . February 2018

A7 Extension Voest Bridge

The extension / rehabilitation of the Voest bridge in Linz started at the beginning of 2018.

Two bypass bridges were erected and a multitude of further objects were reconstructed or newly built (bridges, underpasses, abutments) in the first section in lot AST Hafenstrasse – Junction Urfahr.

Client . ASFINAG

Service . Check engineering



öbv Invitation for BIM Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum - BIM in Structural Engineering and HVAC

The Austrian Society for Construction Technology (öbv) organized a discussion forum on Building Information Modelling in structural engineering and HVAC on 23 January 2018. Michael Pauser (öbv) asked representatives of clients, facility managers, designers, HVAC experts and contractors to answer questions from the audience. One of the experts who answered questions was René Holzer from VCE.

René Holzer (VCE),”There must be a 100% working interface between designers and constructors in order to be able to fully benefit from BIM.”

LINK . öbv
LINK . plattform 4.0


News in the Management Board

Wolf-Dietrich Denk has been appointed as a new managing director

As of the 1st January 2018 we are pleased to welcome a new member to our management board. Wolf-Dietrich Denk is a very experienced structural engineer and has been appointed as a new managing director. We are looking forward to his expertise helping to develop and strengthen the future of our company.


Project EDISON I – UAV Inspection – Pilot Project Falkenstein Bridge

Project of the month | January 2018

Civil engineering structures must be regularly subjected to complete visual and close condition tests regulated in guidelines, rules and standards. In particular in case of big bridges this is only possible in a limited manner and is connected with high efforts and expenses for access technology and operational constraints.

The objective of the EDISON project is the support of conventional bridge inspections and the (partial) replacement of the latter by use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In the project various UAV based sensor systems (e.g. high-resolution cameras, multi-spectral cameras, stereo cameras, ground radar, thermography) were further developed and tested at the Falkenstein railway bridge.

Project objectives

  • High-precision, complete 3D model of the bridge from photogrammetric pictures
  • Damage detection and classification of UAV data (cracks, spalling, moisture penetration, …)
  • Damage localization at the 3D model, list of defects and test report

Project partners

  • VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH (project management)
  • ÖBB Infrastruktur AG
  • Angst Group
  • Palfinger Europe GmbH

Charity Punch

Drink punch and do a good deed. On 15 December 2017 VCE.FCP.BCT invited its clients to come to the charity punch booth of Lionsclub at Schwedenplatz, Vienna.

VCE thanks for the pre-Christmas get-together and the great support of the activities of Lionsclub Wien Marc Aurel.


Launch of VDE 8

December | 2017

The launch of the approx. 500 km long traffic project Nürnberg-Berlin (VDE 8) is planned for 10 December 2017. This project shortens the travelling time from Munich to Berlin by railway to only four hours. The section Ebensfeld – Ilmenau (VDE 8.1) is a double-track electrified railway route for the high-ranking passenger and freight traffic with a length of approx. 66 kilometres and a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

VCE carried out the track system in form of a ballastless track of the sections VDE 8.2 (in operation since 12/2015), VDE 8.1 Lot Centre and Lot South on a length of approx. 160 km.

Services: Approval design, detailed structural design, as-completed drawings, participation in launching, bridge checks, noise protection design incl. foundation and noise assessment

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Combi Coop II – Combined Freight Transportation Independent of Terminals

November | 2017

Rail instead of road transport – project for a faster and more effective transportation of container goods from the factory to the railway via freight vehicle without transaction at a terminal. The first test transport of the combined freight transportation independent of a terminal was carried out in southern Burgenland (Austria) with the well-established MOBILER-System of the Rail Cargo Group. Containers can be handled quickly and straightforwardly between freight vehicles and railway-cars almost everywhere by means of special container shifting systems – by one single person, without any assistance and without costly terminal equipment.

The project “Combi Coop II” was nominated as one the 5 top candidates of the 2017 VCÖ Mobility Award in the category “Energy-efficient freight traffic”.

Project partners are nine companies from the southern Burgenland region as well as a forwarding company.

Client: Project funded by AWS (Austria Economic Service)

Service: Traffic design


Shared Zone Waldegg

October | 2017

A shared zone was established in front of the new vocational training school in Waldegg in compliance with the citizens. The shared zone has a length of 315 m and an area of 5850 m².

For an improvement of recreational opportunities part of the existing park got a facelift by additional seating furniture and a small lake.

In due time for the opening of the shared zone on Sunday, 17 September 2017, the reconstruction of the provincial vocational school and the object for assisted living were completed.

Architect: Architect Weidinger


Launch of Extension of U1 South

September | 2017

On 2 September 2017 the new extension of the underground railway line U1 will start operation with 5 new stations. VCE had the tasks of check engineer, railway consultant (§31a und §34b) and construction coordinator for lot U1/10 (Troststrasse), check engineer and railway consultant for lot U1/8 (Alaudagasse) and designer for lot U1/13 (turnout facility Favoritenstrasse).

The construction methods comprised the whole spectrum of civil and underground engineering (earthwork, cut-and-cover method, bored piles, relocation of installations, underpinning and protective screen of buildings with jet grouting, tunnel construction with shallow excavated cross sections of up to 120 m² under existing buildings) as well as of interior fitting (steel construction, glass structures, masonry) and could be successfully implemented meeting the respective deadlines.

The scope of services of VCE also comprised track design in the area of the turnout shaft Volkspark (U1/8), noise and vibration protection design of the lots U1/8 and U1/13 – U1/15 as well as traffic design in the area of the lots U1/13 – U1/15.

Client: Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG

Services: Check engineering, Site supervision and safety on site, Structural design of superstructure, Structural design, Traffic design


Wind Park Meerwind South / East

August | 2017

The project Meerwind South / East consists of the two offshore wind parks Meerwind South and Meerwind East, which were planned and constructed 23 km north of Helgoland island in the North Sea and are maintained from Helgoland. The wind park comprises a total of 80 wind energy plants with a performance of 3.6 megawatt each. The network is supplied with a performance of up to 288 MW via a transformer platform.

The foundations (mono-piles and transition pieces) of all 80 wind turbines are equipped with a condition monitoring system by Airwerk GmbH for permanent condition monitoring and monitoring of the ageing behaviour (fatigue). All measurement data are transmitted to an onshore server, analysed by software routines and all results are made available to the client in a web-user interface.

Client: Airwerk GmbH

Services: Software for data transmission, software for data analysis, web-user interface, support in the preparation of the monitoring reports for the authorities


BIM und IHR Mehrwert (BIM and YOUR added value)


School for Pupils between 6 and 14, Spielmanngasse, Vienna

July | 2017

The project provides for the new construction of a school for children aged 6 to 14 as well as an annex to an already existing elementary school building.

The new school for 6 to 14-year-olds is designed as compact structure with five floors. Attached to the back side is a structure with two half-buried gym halls. A side wing consisting of a waste disposal room and a flying roof creates an atrium as well as a rest zone on the flat roof of the first floor. The open spaces of the school are suitably designed for pupils and instruction.

The three-storeyed structure of the annex to the elementary school is compactly connected to the existing building and complements the available space with the required educational and secondary rooms.

Both school buildings are currently in the detailed structural design phase. Construction will start on 17 July 2017.

Client:MA 56 (Vienna’s municipal authorities) represented by WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH

Services in consortium with CPPA & Fellerer Vendl: static and structural design, design-build, coordination of construction works, site supervision, building physics, check engineer according to Vienna’s building code


ÖAMTC Headquarters Win the 6th Austrian Steel Construction Award

In the course of the Austrian Steel Construction Day in Graz the winners of the 6th Austrian Steel Construction Award were announced. The prize was awarded to the ÖAMTC headquarters in Vienna.

> 6. Österreichischer Stahlbaupreis


Mariahilfer Strasse wins “2017 Place Design Award”!

The EDRA Great Places Awards recognize professional and scholarly excellence in environmental design and pay special attention to the relationship between physical form of the built environment and human activity or experience. 

The 2017 Place Design Award goes to Mariahilfer Strasse in Vienna—a previously traffic-heavy 19th century shopping boulevard that has been transformed into an inviting, pedestrian-friendly avenue.

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Metro Doha

June | 2017

Four underground railway lines are being constructed on a total length of 172 km in Doha, Qatar, in the scope of phase 1 of the Doha Metro project. At the end of May track slab design was approved by the Design Verification Engineer DVE. Furthermore the noise and vibration assessment was completed and the effectivity of the mass-spring systems was verified in a 1:1 in-situ test.

The track system is currently under construction. It is designed as ballastless Porr slab track system including light and heavy mass-spring systems as required. All in all approx. 80% of the precast track slabs have been already produced and are being installed continuously. The section comprises tunnel, at-grade and bridge sections. In addition turnout areas and the associated transition areas on ballastless track were developed and planned. The track design was revised and adapted for the installation of the slab track system.

VCE carried out noise and vibration assessment determining emission reduction measures (e.g. mass-spring systems) for providing the protection targets regarding vibrations, ground-borne noise and airborne noise. In order to verify the effectivity of the proposed mass-spring systems, true size mock-ups were installed, tested and their performance was verified.

The section of Phase 1 is to be put into operation in 2020, in due time before the start of the Football World Cup in 2022.

Service: Project development and system configuration, concept and detailed design total track system, alignment, noise and vibration protection design, measurements on site

Client: Porr Qatar Construction WLL

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BIM and YOUR added Value

VCE invites you to the BIM event "BIM und IHR Mehrwert" (BIM and YOUR added value) in ÖAMTC’s mobility centre on 20 June 2017.

Please register by 13 June 2017 with

> PDF . BIM invitation


VCE Prize Winners 2016

On Thursday, 11 May 2017, the VCE INNOVATION PRIZE for Excellent Research in Civil Engineering 2016 was awarded to Dr. Roman WENDNER and Dr. Johannes PISTROL at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna.

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Life Ball 2017

May | 2017

This year the charitable association LIFE+ organizes the AIDS charity event “Life Ball“, which is recognized worldwide, again. National and international non-profit organizations, which support persons affected by HIV, are funded with the net profit of the Life Ball. This year’s topic #Recognize the Danger runs like a creative thread through the weekend of events and welcomes the visitors as oversize figure at the entrance of Vienna’s city hall.

VCE supports the initiative with the service of design and building site coordination according to the building site coordination law for the “event site” Life Ball 2017 in the area of Rathausplatz and in the event rooms of the city hall.

Client: Life+ association for direct support of HIV-positive persons and persons down with AIDS

Service: Health and safety engineering


New Appearance for Stephansplatz

April | 2017

Stephansplatz is one of Austria‘s most prominent places due to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Therefore this important central square shall be completely refurbished and its surface redesigned. For this purpose 36,400 granite slabs and stones are laid. In addition 1,500 t of asphalt concrete and 5,500 t of drain concrete are installed. Apart from surface assembly a second drainage level for the protection of the subterranean structures (catacombs and Virgil Chapel) is established. Furthermore, essential parts of the installations are relocated or renewed.

The construction works started in March 2017 and shall be concluded by November 2017.

Client: MA 28 – Vienna’s municipal authorities for road administration and construction, in cooperation with Kirsch ZT GmbH

Services: Traffic design, project control, tender


Refurbishment of Volkstheater

March | 2017

Volkstheater will be completely refurbished in three construction phases in the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019. The main objectives are an improvement of operation and increased comfort for the audience.

Currently the project is in the phase of basic design with advanced submission of architectural design. Furthermore there is continuous coordination with the authorities and the Antiquities and Monuments Office.

Client:Volkstheater GmbH

Services:Project management, static and structural design, tender / cost estimation, building physics, fire protection design


Remedial Actions at the Bank of the Danube Canal – Abutment

February | 2017

At the left bank of the Danube Canal, at river kilometre 7.355, serious settlements as well as material erosion due to scouring was determined for one abutment. Therefore a renovation of the side wall on a total length of approx. 130 metres was required. The remedial actions were implemented by an additional sheet pile wall.

The new sheet pile wall shall be completed in March 2017.

Services: Tender, structural design, site supervision, construction coordination


ÖAMTC Headquarters

January | 2017

On 5 December 2016 the new ÖAMTC headquarters in Erdberg was put into operation.

ÖAMTC concentrated the former eight administrative sites in Vienna in one new building with a size of 25,000 square metres and established new headquarters with an office area, support functions, member service and a heliport. The new centre shall take care of approx. 75,000 members and clients.

The project was handled by Pichler & Traupmann architects as general design managers in cooperation with VCE. The building was continuously planned from preliminary design up to detailed design with a joint three-dimensional BIM model.

Services: Preliminary design, design, submission design, tender design, foundation concept, detailed project, detailed design, check engineering and notification of completion according to Vienna’s building regulations, project control


City Tower Vienna – Refurbishment of the Glass and Stone Facade

December | 2016

The project City Tower Vienna was successfully concluded in November.

In the course of the maintenance of the building the exterior toughened safety glass panels of the facade were exchanged with laminated safety glass. All in all approx. 7,250 m² or approx. 2,850 glass panes were substituted.

In parallel the total natural stone facade was inspected and refurbished. Furthermore safety measures regarding accessibility and guardrails were planned and implemented.

Client: City Tower Vienna Errichtungs- und Vermietungs-GmbH

Services: Design, tender, contracting and site supervision


Moving to the Centre

New Year – New Office

WE ARE MOVING. We would like to inform you that we are moving to a new address.
We are moving to the centre of Vienna! From 12 December 2016 our new address is:

VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH
Untere Viaduktgasse 2, 1030 Wien

We kindly ask you to update your database and are looking forward to welcoming you!

Important information:
Please note that our office cannot be reached by phone or e-mail between 7 Dec. 2016, 2 p.m. and 11 Dec. 2016 12 p.m.



European Steel Bridge Award 2016


We would like to inform you that the Austrian Steel Construction Association published the following announcement on the "European Steel Bridge Awards".

You can find the announcement under the following link:


European Steel Bridge Award 2016

Winner Special Engineering Award

VCE received the Special Engineering Award of the ECCS for outstanding consultancy and design services for the Botlekbridge in the Netherlands.

The European Steel Bridge Awards are given by ECCS every two years to encourage the creative and outstanding use of steel in construction of bridges.

> Link to the Award


Environmental Noise Directive 2017 – Noise Maps Agglomeration Vienna

November | 2016

Within the scope of the EU-wide Enviromental Noise Directive (END) enacted in 2002 strategic noise maps and noise action planning are published every five years (

In Vienna’s city region the noise of all roads, tracks and Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) sites is visually represented on two-dimensional coloured maps. Furthermore the noise levels at principal residences are determined and summarized in tables, separated according to the sound source. The calculation comprises the total urban area of Vienna with 414 km² and contains more than 80 million calculation points.

Rail sources in Vienna’s urban area include ÖBB rail tracks, underground railway and tram lines of Vienna’s public transport services and tracks of local railway lines. Motorways and express highways as well as general public traffic routes in the city area are considered as road sources. In the city area of Vienna there are 28 IPPC sites (as of 2012), which are also displayed in the strategic noise maps.

Services: noise mapping, acoustic calculations of railway, road and site noise.


U5 Berlin – Completion of the Structural Works at Station Rotes Rathaus

October | 2016

On 7 September a topping-out ceremony and an open building site day took place on the occasion of the completion of the preliminary structural works of the underground railway station Rotes Rathaus.

The project “Lückenschluss U5” extends the previous U5 Line from Alexanderplatz to Brandenburger Tor and merges it with U55 there. Apart from 2.2 kilometres of tunnel routes, three new railway stations “Unter den Linden“, “Museumsinsel“ as well as “Rotes Rathaus” are constructed in the centre of Berlin.

Seven centrally arranged supports carry a major part of the floor load in the station “Rotes Rathaus“. The column heads look like mushrooms due to their funnel shape and shall remind of the old vault of the medieval town hall. 

Construction works and surface restoration shall take place after the completion of the structural works. The opening of the total route of the U5 is expected in 2020.

Client: BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

Design of Station Rotes Rathaus: Collignon Architektur

Services: Services in consortium with artus Architekten and Schüsslerplan: Project control, site management, site supervision of structural works, finishing works, cable routeing


Bearing Replacement Reichsbrücke

September | 2016

In the course of the structural survey of the Reichsbrücke it was detected that certain pot bearings had no sufficient sliding gap anymore. Therefore the existing pot bearings are dismounted and replaced with new cup and ball bearings in autumn 2016. The bearing exchange is carried out without any interruption of the traffic.

Services of VCE: Bridge inspection, tender design, structural design


WIENeu Hoerbiger

August | 2016

Opening of the New Hoerbiger Site

The new building of the administrative and production site of the company HOERBIGER in Seestadt Vienna-Aspern was inaugurated after two years of construction.

A modern building was erected with the objective to bring together workers from production and employees from administration. Due to the utilization and the ecological objectives requested by the city of Vienna (Total Quality Building [TQB]) high demands regarding planning were given. The building stands out due to its three cantilevers in the entrance area as well as the green atrium and the open architecture.

Client: querkraft architekten zt gmbH

Services: internal design coordination, site supervision, traffic design, acoustic measurements, design and building site coordination as well as project management, basis for cost estimation


Libelle - Vibration Monitoring Leopold Museum

July | 2016

A pavilion named “Libelle” for future utilization for events is built on the roof of Leopold Museum.

Extensive measurements and analyses were carried out in May 2016 in order to be able to assess the impacts of the vibration intensive construction activities in the course of the erection of the level on the roof structure of the Leopold Museum on the exhibition rooms and art objects in the interior of the building,

In this process the vibrations occurring were determined during test drillings at the facade of the Leopold Museum at the positions with paintings deserving particular protection (Schiele, Klimt).

In coordination with the representatives of the client recommendations for safe assembly during the construction works were elaborated based on the results (relocation of especially critical objects, elastic storage of all wall paintings).

Services: Design management, tender processing, site supervision, construction coordination (construction site coordinator), check engineering, structural dynamics and vibration protection

to the Services "Dynamic & Vibration Protection"



Steibrua – Network Arch Bridge in Norway

June | 2016

The existing, approx. 95 m long, network arch bridge consists of a timber arch and a prestressed concrete bridge deck, which is suspended by means of 68 prestressed steel rods (MacAlloy system).

The aim of the current investigation was the measurement-based determination of the effective forces of all 68 rods of the network arch bridge during the individual construction phases and 12 months after completion with BRIMOS® Structural Health Monitoring.

The basis for investigation was geometrical information on all tie rods and the corresponding product specifications. According to the bending beam theory of mechanical engineering an analysis tool for the determination of the tension forces was established on the basis of the measured eigenfrequencies and applied in the course of the attendant dynamic construction element measurements.

Services: Methodology for the determination of the tension forces in the existing construction element series, dynamic measurement of all bridge anchoring devices, periodic determination of the tensioin forces in all hangers


LIS-03 - Modernization of the Sewage System in Doha

May | 2016

Ashghal (Public Works Authority), the Qatari authority responsible for all infrastructure projects, realizes the so-called IDRIS Programme (Inner Doha Resewerage Implementation Strategy) for comprehensive extension and fundamental modernization of the sewage system in Doha in order to cope with the requirements of the considerably growing population.

VCE is involved as Quality Control Engineer (QCE) in the project LIS-03, the lot for the design and construction of the two interceptor sewers Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC) and Utility Corridor Lateral (UCL).

In this project four micro-tunnel boring machines are used for the construction of the deep gravity sewer with an internal diameter of 1.6 m and a total length of approx. 21 km. All in 47 shafts with depths up to 45 m have to be established for the operation of the micro-tunnel boring machines and installation of the jacking pipes.

The services as Quality Control Engineer comprise the review and the approval of the design as well as the quality control in construction.

On 27 April 2016 the ground-breaking ceremony for the first shaft took place in Al Wakrah.

Picture above: Manoj Bajaj (HBK), Luis Fagundes (Ashgal), Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad Al Thani (HBK), Georgios Ntigkmpasanis (HBK), Bill VanWagenen (ch2m), Bassam Halabi (GHD)

Picture below - VCE Team v.l.n.r.: Roberto Bontoyan, Charlou Velasco, Ariel Papica, Ramil Macalalad, Cristian Giurgea, Houman Foroutan, Ernst Forstner

LINK TunnelTalk




April | 2016

After numerous adjustment processes the road surface project Herrengasse was released for implementation. The privately financed road project represents an important axis between Freyung and Michaelerplatz. In this section several palaces, hotels, ministries, Vienna’s first high-rise building and the Loos house are located. Apart from Herrengasse, Fahnengasse and parts of Wallnerstrasse are reconstructed as well.

With the implementation of the project this area receives an adequate surface for underlining historically important buildings. Apart from the new high-quality pavement (Austrian granite), lighting is also brought to the state of the art. The existing traffic organization is modified to a shared zone, which creates more areas for pedestrians and pavement cafés.

The preliminary works – installation of fixtures – will start at the beginning of April 2016, the actual surface works will start at the end of May 2016. The conclusion of the works is expected by mid-November 2016.

Client: HG+ Interessentengemeinschaft Herrengasse

Services: detailed design, tender design, project control, traffic design


Doha Metro Trackwork

March | 2016

In the scope of Phase 1 of the Doha Metro project four underground railway lines shall be constructed on a total length of 172 km. The track system is designed as ballastless track with Porr slab track system and some sections as mass-spring systems. The design comprises tunnel sections, at grade sections, tracks on viaducts as well as turnout areas and the associated transition areas. As basis of the layout of the ballastless track the available alignment is revised and adjusted by VCE.

VCE carries out analyses on the requirement of emission reduction measures (e.g. mass-spring systems) for providing the protection targets regarding vibrations, ground-borne noise and airborne noise. Extensive measurements were performed on site as a basis for these calculations.

The production of the track supporting layers manufactured as prefabricated parts on site has already started, whereas the installation of the tracks is expected to begin in autumn 2016. The route of Phase 1 shall be put into operation in 2019, in due time for the start of the Football World Cup in 2022.

Client: Porr Qatar Construction WLL

Services of VCE: Project development and system configuration, concept and detailed design total track system, alignment, noise and vibration protection design, measurements on site.

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St. Josef Hospital lays the Foundation Stone for a New Building

February | 2016

On 21 January 2016 the foundation stone ceremony for the new building took place with the participation of politicians, staff members of the hospital and neighbours.

Obstetrics and oncology have already been among the focuses of the St. Josef Hospital for some time. This specialization shall be even intensified in future. Core piece is an annex which shall be opened in 2018. The extension shall result in an increase of capacities from 2000 to 3000 births as well as in the realization of the development to a specialized clinic for oncology. Up to 2020 the existing building shall be also comprehensively rehabilitated. The reconstruction is carried out without any interruption of hospital operation.

Completion phase 1: 2018
Completion phase 2: 2020

Services: site supervision


FRESH VIEW on Smart Cities

VCE will be presented on a full page in the issue of FRESH VIEW on Smart Cities.

The magazine in German and English will be distributed to more than 110 branches of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber world-wide.

The web version can be found on


Gratitude and Delight at the Topping-out Ceremony of the New ÖAMTC Headquarters

Januar | 2016

The topping-out ceremony of the new ÖAMTC headquarters took place on 14 December 2015. After an intensive planning period and a record-breaking construction time the shell construction was completed shortly before the ceremony. Ernst Klobucnik (ÖAMTC - Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club), Franz Lederhas (Granit) and Architect Christoph Pichler (see photo) thank all the persons involved in the project for the excellent and close cooperation. In less than 8 months approx. 20,000 m³ and almost 4,000 t of reinforcement were used in the highly complex structure.

Services: Basic design / general design, construction design, detailed design, foundation concept, preliminary design, quantity survey, structural design, submission design, tender design


Winner – Austrian Consulting Award 2015

Botlek Bridge – World’s Largest Lifting Bridge

On 20 November 2015 the Ministry of Economics granted the Austrian Award for International Consulting andthereby recognized outstanding engineering consulting services.

The prize winner is VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH as design manager with the project "Botlekbrücke - die größte Hubbrücke der Welt" (Botlek Bridge – World’s Largest Lifting Bridge).

The jury justified its decision with the unique realization of the project by skilful combination of geotechnical, hydraulic, construction as well as traffic and transport engineering, which shortened the lifting time of the bridge to only 110 seconds.

"The realization of such a big and fast lifting bridge represents a major innovation on the highest international level. Furthermore the project excels due to a considerable increase in capacity of the traffic carriers and a high service life of 100 years even from an economic point of view”, commented the jury.

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> PDF of the Consulting Award Brochure

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Opening Botlekbrug

The new Botlekbrug over the Oude Maas is now officially opened for the traffic. On Sunday, July 12, 2015, the first cars crossed the bridge in the direction Rotterdam at 10 clock.

The Botlekbrug is the largest lifting bridge of the world and should solve the traffic problems between Rotterdam and the port area Maasvlakte 2.

Services of VCE: Preliminary project, detailed project, assistance with the assembly



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World Port Development / April 2015

Dynamic Structural Monitoring for Condition Assessment and Life-Cylce Managment of Port Facility Structures

Article of Peter Furtner (VCE) and Nigel Nixon (NNP Inc) in the journal "World Port Development", issue April 2015, about dynamic structural monitoring and Life-Cycle Management of port facility structures.

... The application and the benefits for the port industry are - like for all other industries that use dynamic monitoring - to be able to know how safe the structure is and to have decision support as to how long the asset can be operated safely. ...


Brückenbau – Construction & Engineering

New Botlek Bridge in Rotterdam

Challenging Project for VCE

Contribution on the Botlek Bridge in Rotterdam by VCE in the bridge construction journal "Brückenbau", issue 6 - 2014 by the publishing group Wiederspahn.

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architekturjournal wettbewerbe 6/2014

New Danube Bridge Linz, Upper Austria

A report on the realization competition for the new Danube Bridge Linz was published in the December issue of the architectural journal “Wettbewerbe”.

VCE in consortium with FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH and Quist Wintermans Architekten reached the 3rd place in the Linz bridge competition.


Nomination for the 4th Vienna Engineering Prize

World’s Biggest Cable Crane

The Vienna Engineering Prize is awarded by the city of Vienna in collaboration with the Chamber of Architects and Engineering Consultants for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland every two years. The Engineering Prize recognizes extraordinary engineering services and aims to contribute to a higher perception of the technical professions in the public. This year 31 applications were submitted.

Five engineering teams were nominated for this year’s 4th Engineering Prize. VCE was nominated for the planning and construction of the world’s biggest cable crane.  

> Article: derStandard, 13.11.2014 | PDF

> Certificate: Wiener Ingenieurpreis 2014 | PDF


Valor Homepage

The new web page of Valor Engineering is online. Thus Valor can present itself even better on the Norwegian market.

Recently Valor succeeded in concluding a framework contract for infrastructure projects with Statens Vegvesen.



Botlekbrug – Floating Assembly of First Bridge Part

On 13 September the first superstructure of the new Botlek Bridge was successfully assembled and deposited on the temporary bearings.

On Friday, 12 September transport on the pontoon started from the pre-assembly site at the Mammoet-Harbour in direction of the building site.

At approx. 5:00 p.m. the bridge passed the old Botlekbrug observed by many onlookers and was positioned in front of span 40-50.

On Saturday, 13 September at .5:00 a.m. lateral adjustment was started.

At 6:45 p.m. the final position was reached and lowering was begun by means of the low tide.

At approx. 10:30 p.m. the first contact with the bearings took place and at approx. 11:30 p.m. the bridge was removed from the pontoon and successfully put down.

Services of VCE: Preliminary project, detailed project, assistance with the assembly

» Video auf youtube


NERA Results

Research Project
The results of the individual work packages of the research project NERA were summarized in a brochure designed by VCE.

NERA (2010-2014) is an EC infrastructure project that integrates key research infrastructures in Europe for monitoring earthquakes and assessing their hazard and risk.

» Link to NERA-Website


SYNER-G: Systemic Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Complex Urban, Utility, Lifeline Systems and Critical Facilities

Methodology and Applications

Pitilakis, K., Franchin, P., Khazai, B., Wenzel, H. (Eds.)
Springer, 2014

SYNER-G is a research project with a focus on systemic seismic hazards and risk analyses of buildings, lifelines and infrastructures.

A book on the results of the SYNER-G research project was published in 2014 and represents a significant step forward in the seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of complex interacting urban and regional systems and infrastructures.

ISBN 978-94-017-8834-2
ISBN 978-94-017-8835-9 (eBook)
DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-8835-9

LINK SYNER-G – FP7 project


BIM (Building Information Modelling)

The BIM event on 24 June 2014 organized by VCE under the motto "BIM in Theory and Practice" met with great interest also this year.

The advantages and various applications of BIM were demonstrated to the participants during the symposium lasting for three hours. The programme was presented by Robert Schedler.

Presentations were given by Christian Artaker and Andreas Stocker / Artaker CAD-Systems, Alexander Barnaš / Maba, Gernot Wagner / Porr, Konstantinos Kessoudis / Strabag, Christoph Degendorfer/ PXT as well as DieterDenk / FCP.


Valor Engineering in TU Bygg

Article about Valor Engineering at TU

AF creates new engineering company
together with Austrian VCE.

Since last summer, the cooperate management of the AF Group worked to create an independent company that will engage in engineering and project management.

You will find the whole article under:


Lifted Connection – Austrian Engineering

Solid, No.02 I February 2014

The Botlekbrug – the biggest and most complex lifting bridge ever built – is currently being constructed in Rotterdam.

... Vienna Consulting Engineers are responsible for the design management for all site progress related trades, detailed design, site supervision and project management. The specialists from VCE have successfully handled thousands of building projects world-wide but this project is even unique for them.

> to the project


A15 Maasvlakte–Vaanplein, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Drone over the Botlekcorridor

Gap Closure Ceremony VDE 8.2

New Route Erfurt Leipzig / Halle

The tracks for the most modern rail track in Central Germany have been completed.

On 25 November 2013 Ms. Christine Lieberknecht, prime minister of the Free State of Thuringia, and Dr. Reiner Haseloff, prime minister of the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, passed the first continuous and cross-national ride with a test train of the German Railways.

All structures and tracks have been completed to a large extent. Now the newly built route will be equipped with further technical components until 2015.

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Celebrating SHM Award

The ISHMII Monitor | November 2013 Vol. 8, No. 2

Congratulation to ISHMII Council member Dr. Helmut Wenzel, Vienna Consulting Engineers, who was honored at the 9th Annual International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring at Stanford University, California, in September 2013.


Opening of Kammerspiele Theatre in Josefstadt

In only five and a half months the 100-year-old theatre was completely refurbished. In this extremely short construction period the core of the existing structure was fully removed, the stage portal and the balcony were newly covered with concrete, the stage machinery and the technical building equipment were modernized and the total extension was completed.

At the opening of the refurbished Kammerspiele theatre on 23 October the Broadway musical hit “Catch Me If You Can” was performed as European premiere.


fib Model Code 2010 Seminar

Design of Concrete Structures with Advanced Methods

On 24 and 25 October 2013 a seminar on the fib Model Code 2010 takes place in Vienna with a focus on fibre-reinforced concrete, shear force and punching, durability, properties of composite concrete, numeric analyses as well as several other applications.

The seminar addresses practical engineers, surveyors and architects, representatives of authorities and testing laboratories, cement and concrete manufacturers as well as graduates and students of the respective fields. All presentations are held in English.

VCE acts as a sponsor of the seminar.


SHM Hans-Juergen Schmidt Award 2013

Dr. Helmut Wenzel received this unique award which was created to honour and recognize persons especially from industry or government organizations for their continuing efforts and successful contributions to the field of Structural Health Monitoring and for his outstanding leadership in advancing SHM technologies in industry and government.


VEESD 2013 & 13. D-A-CH Conference

From 28 to 30 August the VEESD2013 (Vienna Congress on Recent Advances in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics) took place at the Vienna University of Technology. The 13th D-A-CH Conference, which was held in German, was integrated in the congress. All in all 330 persons from 36 nations particpated.

The congress was co-organized by VCE.


International IABSE Conference 2013

From 6 to 8 May the International IABSE Conference 2013 took place in Rotterdam focussing on the topic "Assessment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Infrastructures".
VCE was represented with two papers including presentations at the conference:

Replacement of Botlek Lifting Bridge, Motorway A15, Netherlands
Robert Schedler, Ulrich Eder, Erik Jille
> Paper | pdf

Integrated Asset Management Tool for Highway Infrastructure
Robert Veit-Egerer, Monika Widmann, Peter Furtner, Rui Lima
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A-Lanes A15 Maasvlakte–Vaanplein

On Friday, 5 April 2013, the transversal girder 304 was successfully installed.

This was the heaviest concrete element of the whole project with a length of 16.80 m, a width of 4.40 m and a height of 2.61 m as well as a total weight of 224 tons.

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eMagazine austria-architects

New institute building of the University of Vienna

The eMagazine "austria-architects" nominates the new institute building of the University of Vienna in Währinger Strasse in Vienna's 9th district building of the month.

> article: austria-architects


Award VCE Romania

On Saturday, 01 December 2012, an art gala organized by the district management of the 3rd district took place in Bucharest on the occasion of the national holiday.

In the scope of this gala several persons from the fields of art and music were decorated.

VCE Romania had designed the music and art school in the 3rd district where the gala took place and was awarded a diploma for extraordinary merits in architecture.

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Building Project Wien-Mitte Opened

On Tuesday, 6 November, the pre-opening of the complex, which is a superstructure over the railway station Wien-Mitte, took place in the presence of the Austrian President Heinz Fischer and Vienna’s Mayor Michael Häupl (SPÖ).

The building will be open to the public from 8 November. Then part of the 30,000 m² shopping centre “The Mall” will also be put into operation. In a first step the local supply for the core area around the railway station shall be restored. Only in April 2013 shall “The Mall” be fully launched with approx. 50 shops.

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Foundation Stone Ceremony Hospital North

On 18 September 2012 the foundation stone for the shell construction works at the Hospital North was laid in presence of City Councillor for Health Sonja Wehsely, Mayor Michael Häupl and Wilhelm Marold (Managing director of KAV, the Vienna Hospital Association).

By 2015 the most modern hospital in Austria with 785 beds is to be completed. A special feature of the new hospital is the complex design of the exterior area with a park landscape (healing gardens) and therapeutic function.


German Unity Transport Project

New Info-box

On 19 June 2012 the new info-box of the German Railways (DB) for the project VDE 8.2 was inaugurated at the Osterberg Tunnel. Many VIPs were present, including the district administrator of Sachsen-Anhalt, Minister Webel, the coordinator of the overall project VDE 8, Mr. Drescher, the project manager of the section VDE 8.2 new line, Dr.-Ing. Schenkel, as well as Mr. Hagen as person responsible for our trade ballast-less track.


A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein

The works on the building site of the A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein are running at full speed! Apart from the setting up of the pile foundations on site, there is assiduous work at the prefabricated parts of the individual sections. In the video the manufacturing of the prefabricated parts for the foundation of the object 5563 in the Vaanplein junction is visible. The weight of the prefabricated component shown amounts to approx. 160 tons.


Extension of the Underground Railway Line 5 in Berlin

The biggest inner-city traffic project in Berlin has started ...


Kliplev-Sonderborg Motorvejen

After two years of construction the Kiplev-Sonderborg Motorway in South Denmark was solemnly inaugurated by the Danish Minister for Traffic and Infrastructure on 31 March 2012. The project was carried out in the scope of a PPP model by the Strabag consortium "KMG" (Kliplev Motorway Group) within the contractually agreed deadline. The total construction costs amounted to approx. 130 million Euro. VCE in joint venture with Drees & Sommer Infra Consult fulfilled the tasks of LTA (Lenders' Technical Adviser) for the financing banks and was responsible for schedule review and quality inspection as well as check of the construction progress and the approval of invoices compliant with the services. Due to delays in construction additional services for project control and mediation were taken over on the consortium's request.


A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein, PPP Project, Netherland

Minister Schultz launches major improvement in the accessibility of Rotterdam port area

The Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) today announced the official start of work. "With the approach of the A15, we make the region stronger and more accessible. This is more than a highway project. We will build our infrastructure, both road and rail and water, to better utilise," she said.


5 Years VCE Romania

On Thursday, 24 November 2011 the jubilee celebration on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the company VCE – Vienna Consulting Engineers S.R.L. took place in Bucharest. Among others MMag. Edith Predorf, a representative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, as well as Ambassador Dr. Michael Schwarzinger from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the celebration.


Opening of Gazela Bridge

After 18 months of construction the rehabilitation measures at the Gazela Bridge in Belgrade over the Sava were concluded so that the bridge could be completely and officially opened to traffic, attended by numerous representatives of the Serbian Parliament, of the city of Belgrade and the Serbian motorway association PE Roads of Serbia as well as of the media. The bridge was opened to traffic earlier than planned due to the efforts of all parties involved, which can be seen as a result of the excellent cooperation.


Austrian Award for Telematics 2006 Nomination

DyGeS - Dynamisches Gewichtserfassungs-System

The objective of the research activity is the registration of vehicle speed and weight in real time by means of the measurement of the dynamic characteristic of bridges.


Opening week new building 'College Wels'

Ceremonial opening of the college on Friday, October 14th, 2005

The new building is the new academic home of six college courses, which were housed in up to ten different buildings in Wels until June 2005.


Opening Handling Center West

On the 6th of July 2005 the Handling Center West was inaugurated. The newly constructed Handling Center West is adjacent to the Air Cargo Center.

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