Ostregion – Package 1


The Project, a Private Public Partnership (PPP) model, consists of 51.5 km of road, comprising four separate road sections, the A5 South, S1 West, S1 East and the S2, connected to form a Y-shape (ypsilon) to the north of Vienna. These road sections form the main commuter corridor between Mistelbach and Vienna. The 33-year concession project involves the funding, design, construc­tion, operation and maintenance of 51.5 km of new (mainly) dual carriageway road, a number of noise reduction structures, three cut-and-cover tunnels, one 1.4 km long bored tunnel (with cut & cover approach tunnels), approximately 74 other structures, and two service stations.

The AKOR Consortium has appointed Atkins and VCE to perform the Technical and Traffic Advisor role for the Mandated Lead Arrangers.