VDE 8.2 Erfurt–Leipzig/Halle © VCE
VDE 8.2 Erfurt–Leipzig/Halle © VCE

VDE 8.2 Erfurt–Leipzig/Halle


The new route Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle is designed for passenger and freight traffic with a maximum speed of 300 km/h. It has a total length of 123 kilometres.

The section VDE 8.2 runs on ballast-less track from the Erfurt main railway station via the Scherkonde viaduct near Krautheim and the Gänsebach viaduct near Buttstädt through the Thuringian Basin up to Leipzig and Halle.

The objective of the measurements and analyses was the determination of the longitudinal stresses of the rails at a total of five measuring sections on three viaducts (Scherkonde valley, Unstrut valley and Saale-Elster valley) as well as the identification of the track deformations at the ground construction in the scope of test runs at different speeds up to a maximum speed of 330 km/h.