Western High Speed Diameter
Western High Speed Diameter

Western High Speed Diameter – Approach Flyover to Nevka Bridge

St. Petersburg, Russia

For the construction of the new Western High Speed Diameter Highway (Construction Stage 5) four different bridges are among other structures foreseen. The four investigated objects are designed following different typologies: two of them are composite bridges (534m and 441m), one is an orthotropic deck steel bridge (1708 m) and one is a prestressed concrete extradosed bridge (580 m).

The approach flyover to the Nevka bridge is a composite bridge with total length of 441 m over 10 spans and total area of superstructure of 18 522 m2. The typical span length is 45 m. It is consisted of two paralel structures with 21 m width each.

A quantity and constructive check of the bridge was performed. The values obtained were compared with the related items of the Bill of Quantities.

A simplified calculation of the loads on foundation based on EN standards including permanent, traffic and wind loads was performed.