Industrial Safety and Life Cycle Engineering

Technologies / Standards / Applications

Technologies have been developed for a competitive and sustainable European industry. This book reports about the state of science and technology in Industrial Safety and Life Cycle Engineering. It covers the following content:

  • The new IRIS risk paradigm for industrial risk management
  • Life Cycle Engineering for condition assessment and extension of lifetime
  • Methodologies for risk identification, assessment and control
  • Knowledge and technologies for the quantification of risk and its respective reduction
  • Online monitoring and decision support systems to reduce uncertainties in the process
  • Pattern recognition in signal processing for monitoring of key performance indicators
  • A standardized degradation law and application to various case studies

Innovations that will allow operating Europe’s industry in a safer but as well more economic process are presented.

The book „Industrial Safety and Life Cycle Engineering – Technologies / Standards / Applications“ can be ordered free of charge at VCE (Ms. Nicole Krims-Steiner,


Structural Health Monitoring of Signature Bridge in Delhi - the Bridge-Structural-Health-Monitoring-System for the Wazirabad Bridge Project

Peter Furtner, Danilo Della Ca’, Chinmoy Gosh
36th IABSE Symposium, Kolkata, India, September 24-27, 2013


Assessment of Soil-Structure-Interaction by Measurement

Fritz Kopf, David Schäfer, J. Pistro
VEESD2013 - Vienna Congress on Recent Advances in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
28. - 30. August 2013, Vienna, Austria


Replacement of Botlek Lifting Bridge, Motorway A15, Netherlands

Robert Schedler, Ulrich Eder, Erik Jille
IABSE Conference "Assessment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Infrastructures"
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 6-8 May 2013


Integrated Asset Management Tool for Highway Infrastructure

Robert Veit-Egerer, Monika Widmann, Peter Furtner, Rui Lima
IABSE Conference "Assessment, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Infrastructures"
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 6-8 May 2013


Rapid seismic evaluation of historic brick-masonry buildings in Vienna (Austria) based on visual screening

Günther Achs, Christoph Adam
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering
December 2012, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 1833-1856


The present paper addresses seismic assessment of historic brick-masonry buildings located in the city of Vienna based on rapid-visual-screening (RVS). The RVS methodology has been adopted for this specific type of buildings considering their consistent typology and consequently enhancing the validity and quality of the seismic assessment. In this context, structure-relevant parameters such as regularity of the inspected building, its state of preservation and geometry are evaluated. Additionally, the human and economic impact of earthquake-induced damage on the object is integrated assessing damage relevant factors such as the number of exposed persons and the importance of the object for the public. Based on the derived score of each of these two sets of parameters the inspected building is classified into one of four vulnerability classes. Furthermore, the damage potential of a seismic event comparable with the L’Aquila 2009 earthquake is predicted correlating the results of the RVS methodology and damage grades according to EMS-98. In a large-scale in-situ investigation a set of 375 buildings within the 20th district of Vienna was seismically assessed. The resulting maps of damage scenarios give useful information for emergency and evacuation planning as well as for identification of critical objects vulnerable to seismic loading.


Life Cycle Analysis

Approach for the life-cycle management of structures including durability analysis, shm and maintenance planning

DI Peter Furtner, DI Robert Veit-Egerer


Life Cycle Analysis addressing Maintenance and Repair Options and its affections on Remaining Lifetime

Helmut Wenzel, Robert Veit-Egerer, Monika Widmann
ACI American Concrete Institute


Traunbrücke Steyrermühl – Sprengungsüberwachung mit BRIMOS® Structural Health Monitoring

Beurteilung der Auswirkung der Sprengung des Richtungstragwerks Salzburg auf den Bestand Richtungstragwerk Wien

Robert Veit-Egerer, Helmut Wenzel, Josef Reischl, Hermann Hintringer
Bautechnik 88(3):189-198
Ernst & Sohn, 2011
DOI: 10.1002/best.201110019


DESTRail - Vorbeugende Maßnahmen für Katastrophen durch Echtzeitschadenserkennung

Prof. DI Dr. Helmut Wenzel, DI Peter Furtner
KIRAS - Fachtagung Sicherheitsforschung 2011


Monitoring based Dynamic Traffic Load Assessment

Measurement based traffic loading assessment of steel bridges – a basis for performance prediction

Prof. Helmut Wenzel, DI Robert Veit-Egerer
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering:
Maintenance, Management, Life-Cycle Design and Performance
Volume 7, Issue 4, 2011
pages 261-273
DOI: 10.1080/15732470802586428


Glossary of Terms in Cable Dynamics

Hiroshi Tanaka, Helmut Wenzel


Web based Monitoring and Assessment of Bridges and Structures

Martin Fritz (VCE), Martin Stöger (VCE), R. Berger (mageba)
IABMAS 2010 - The Fifth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management
July 11-15, 2010, Philadelphia, USA


Life Cycle Assessment covering each Section of Structural Service

Robert Veit-Egerer, Zdeněk Jeřábek, Miroslav Hubka
Beton 3/2010


Bauwerksüberwachung bei bestehenden Brückenbauwerken durch BRIMOS

Prof. Dr. Helmut Wenzel
Messen im Bauwesen, Tagungsthema: "Bauwerksüberwachung"
BAM Tagung, 2. März 2010


Entwicklung der Fernüberwachunssysteme

Roman Berger, Martin Fritz
Sonderheft: Messtechnik im Bauwesen
Ernst & Sohn, Bautechnik 87, Heft 4, Februar 2010


Ship Crash into a River Bridge – Monitoring of the Damaged Structure

Furtner Peter, Helmut Wenzel
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering
IABSE Symposium Bangkok 2009: Sustainable Infrastructure. Environment Friendly, Safe and Resource Efficient
9-11 November, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand


From Structural Health Monitoring to Risk based Infrastructure Management

Prof. H. Wenzel
SHMII-4 2009 - 4th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring on Intelligent Infrastructure
22-24 July 2009, Zurich, Switzerland


Schwingungsdämpfer für Schrägseile

Entwicklung eines effektiven, kostengünstigen und wartungsarmen Schwingungsdämpfers für Schrägseile

H.Wenzel, P.Furtner, M.Widmann
3. VDI Fachtagung: Baudynamik
Kassel, Deutschland, 14.-15. Mai 2009
Band Nr. 2063


Steel Bridges Performance prediction

Monitoring based performance prediction of steel bridges against traffic loading exemplified at the Europabrücke

Robert Veit-Egerer, Helmut Wenzel
First International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE’08)
Varenna, Lake Como, Italy, June 10-14, 2008


Ermittlung der Tragfähigkeit und insbesondere der Belastbarkeit einer Spannbeton-Straßenbrücke mittels Dynamischem Bauwerksmonitoring

Robert Veit-Egerer (VCE), Helmut Wenzel (VCE)
Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 103(6):364-377
Ernst & Sohn, 2008
DOI: 10.1002/best.200800621


Sensitivity Studies on Damping Estimation

Georg Gutenbrunner, Konstantin Savov, Helmut Wenzel
Proceedings of the
Second International Conference on Experimental Vibration Analysis for Civil Engineering Structures (EVACES’07)
Porto, Portugal, 24-26 October 2007


Weak point determination Bracings

Monitoring based weak point determination of a steel bridge’s torsional bracings with regard to fatigue threat

Robert Veit-Egerer, Helmut Wenzel
Proceedings of the
Second International Conference on Experimental Vibration Analysis for Civil Engineering Structures (EVACES’07)
Porto, Portugal, 24-26 October 2007


SHM at the Civil Infrastructure

SHM at the Civil Infrastructure: Applications, recent Progress and future Demands

Dr. Helmut Wenzel, DI Peter Furtner
U.S.-Europe Workshop on
Bridge Management Challenges in the United States and Europe
September 11-13, 2007


Damage Detection

Damage detection and bridge classification by ambient vibration monitoring – application of BRIMOS at two stay cable bridges in China

Helmut Wenzel, Peter Furtner
The Proceeding of
4th China-Japan-US Symposium on Structural Control and Monitoring
Oct.16-17, 2006


Schwingungsanalyse BRIMOS® – ein neues Verfahren zur Bauwerksüberwachung

Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 99 (2004)
Ernst & Sohn Verlag, Heft 4, Berlin, 2004


Application for Hydraulic Actuators

Applications of hydraulic actuators for damping and isolation of structural oscillations

Heino Försterling, Peter Furtner
Proceedings of the 3ECSC:
Third European Conference on Structural Control
12-15 July 2004, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria


Vibration Monitoring and Noise Improvement of an old Railway Bridge

Helmut Wenzel, Peter Furtner, Georges Magonette, Francesco Marazzi
ABSE Symposium Antwerp 2003:
Structures for High-Speed Railway Transportation
pp. 42-48 (7)


Lifetime Monitoring of Railway Mass-Spring-Systems (MSS)

Dr. Helmut Wenzel, DI Roman Geier
IABSE Symposium, Antwerp 2003:
Structures for High-Speed Railway Transportation,
pp. 1-7(7)


Bridge Classification based upon Ambient Vibration Monitoring

Dr. Helmut Wenzel, DI Roman Geier
IABSE Symposium 2002, Melbourne, Australia
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering


Überwachungskonzept für Talsperren auf Basis ambienter Schwingungsmessungen

DI Roman Geier, DI Heinz Lutz
Internationales Symposium 2002 in Zürich
Moderne Methoden und Konzepte im Wasserbau


Structural Assessment of the Cultural Heritage

Dr. Helmut Wenzel
16th Congress of IABSE
IABSE Congress Report, pp. 1105-1112(8)
Lucerne, Switzerland, September 18-21, 2000


On the Performance and Durability of Stay Cables

Dr. Helmut Wenzel
Bridge Engineering Conference 2000
26-30 March 2000, Sharm El-Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt


Quality Assessment and Damage Detection by Monitoring

Dr. Helmut Wenzel
IABSE Symposium 1999:
Structures for the Future - the Search for Quality
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 25-27, 1999