D1 Motorway

The Project, a Private Public Partnership (PPP) model, consists of 75 km of road, comprising five separate road sections, Dubna Skala – Turany, Turany – Hubova, Hubova – Ivachnova, Janovce – Jablonov and Fricovce – Svinia located in the west part of Slovakia. These road sections form parts of the main corridor between Bratislava and Kosice. The 30-year concession project involves the funding, design, construction, operation and maintenance of 75 km of new dual carriageway road, a number of noise reduction structures, approximately 111 bridges with a total length of 19242 m length, four tunnels with a total length of 7.183 m and one O&M center. The short construction period is one of the most challenging tasks of this project.

The MLA has appointed Atkins and VCE to perform the Technical Advisor role for the Lenders.