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The existing, approx. 95 m long, network arch bridge consists of a timber arch and a prestressed concrete bridge deck, which is suspended by means of 68 prestressed steel rods (MacAlloy system).

The aim of the current investigation was the measurement-based determination of the effective forces of all 68 rods of the network arch bridge during the individual construction phases and 12 months after completion with BRIMOS® Structural Health Monitoring.

The basis for investigation was geometrical information on all tie rods, the corresponding product specifications and the measured dynamic frequencies. According to the beam theory of structural mechanics an analysis tool for the determination of the measured tension forces was developed, based on the measured eigenfrequencies and applied during the attendant dynamic construction element measurements.

Client: BBV Systems GmbH (Implenia)

Services: Methodology for the determination of the tension forces in the existing construction element series, dynamic measurements of all bridge hangers, periodic determination of the tension in the entire row of structure members