Dynamic & Vibration Protection

Emission and Immission Analyses

Existing vibration-induced emissions of railways are determined by means of measurements and analyses like the dispersion profile of the ground. Immission measurements are usually applied in the field of neighbourhood protection.

Dynamic Analyses

Dynamic measurements cover a wide field of application and are used for the following analyses:

  • Track dynamics, track engineering
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Dynamic system identification
  • Monitoring of the dilatation behaviour of bridge structures

Planning and Forecasts

In case of new buildings and reconstruction design considering vibrations is indispensable. By means of emission and immission measurements detailed forecasts of the expected vibrations can be performed so that effective reduction measures can be planned if necessary.

Research and Development

The steady progress in the field of dynamics, measurement and instrumentation is based on the continuous development work of our team.

  • Further development of measurement procedures
  • Research & development in the field of noise and vibration protection
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Wind tunnel tests


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